Friday, 27 March 2015

In Praise of Danielle La Verite George

As most of you know, I've taken more than my fair share of flack over the last few months. I do pay attention to people's view on what I do.
Something I'm interested to know, is what positives, if any, I've brought by doing this.
So, if you could humour me today & let me (and the detractors) know, what if anything, I've done to help you personally or in general.
And if there's anything you'd like to see me tackle that I haven't already.
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  • Tanya Davey Opened my eyes & made me question things I would usually take for granted, Thank you for opening my eyes Danielle & making me think outside the box xxxx
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  • Marie McLoughlin When someone stands up and is prepared to speak out against injustice, (and especially when they are filthy mouthed and adorable) it makes it possible and far easier for everyone to speak out.
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  • Alan Pears being a friend....
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  • Melanie Clark You're wading through fucked up deep shit and you've done it with style x you make me laugh at least once a day and your loyalty to your friends speaks for itself x you take no shit and don't jump on any old bandwagon that goes by first you think and look deeper. Only last week you gave me a delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹ apple strudel biscuit and you keep your knickers in your handbag. I just loves ya xxx 
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  • Jon Woodford I think your courage in speaking out shows others that they too have a voice ๐Ÿ˜Ž 
    What I'd like to see -- instead of the problems let's see some solutions ๐Ÿ˜Ž ie- The Venus project and other such movements that are moving towards a better future ... With alternatives to the political system/education system and law ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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  • Ben Williams Can you do a video on that twat Grant Snapps, it would be hilarious to see you lay into him.
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  • Real Simon I like your honest opinions, whether people agree or not, it is refreshing and you keep it real and down to earth.
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  • Danielle La Verite George You're such lovely people. It's so nice to hear such positive things. I think we all have moments where we want to jack it all in. Things like this give me the faith to keep going. I'm so glad I've been able to bring something good to others xx
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  • Jamie Cutts You have made me a stronger person who sees the system as it is ty hugs xx
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  • Richard Oliver Given me confidence that I'm not the only one who's sees and opened my eyes to others that are on the same path for are an inspiration and special person
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  • AJ Jefferson I am dead serious little lady... Anyone who stands up for what they believe in, is bound to reap the spoils of those who have their head buried in the sand. I find your posts informative, well thought out, straightforward and the truth. the truth does win out in the end my dear... Please keep up the good work... Personally, I appreciate you and your efforts so very much
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  • Keith N Gilly Watson Was fabulous when I saw your first vid ,"top tossers 'you are a breath of fresh air & was good know other like minded people like you are about telling the truth, you are one brave lady & Thankyou  x
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  • Martin Giddings You introduced me to Elm Guest House, Chris Spivey, I have stolen friends off your list, and you've made me laugh (a lot).
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  • Terry Dicks You are tops...keep it going.
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  • Melanie Clark Danielle La Verite George biaaatcch is you blubbing yet ? Lololololol xx 
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  • Kirsty Fitzpatrick I never comment, I'm a lurker who likes to just read. It's refreshing to hear what you say. You're a Mum, like me, and I can relate to what you're saying! Keep up the good work!
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  • Horatio Hufnagel Well this all makes a nice change from being attacked as "degenerate filth" etc.  x
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  • Jamie Newell Calling Cameron a ham slice faced cunt was a high point of my week. Refreshing and excessive use of the word.
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  • Stoners Close You give great advice, fantastic humour but above all, hope that there is sanity out there!
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  • Ger O'Donnell I have to say I'm humbled by your honesty and courage and your always right! I've never once disagreed other anything you've said. More people like you in the world and it would be a much better place. Keep on keeping on and fuck the assholes ! That's why they are assholes they deserve to be fucked.
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  • Joanna Richardson They broke the mould when they made you Daniellle your a bloody star  keep up the good work x
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  • Angie McAdie .....eerrmm....umm...For Drawing out of the Woodwork, ALL Who / What you do! xx
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  • Martina Fleming i feel you inspire us all with your courage to tackle issues head on and to take our power back.
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  • Colin Bassford Your a star you say things what others daren't so keep at it ,I don't agree with you all the time but I am not a sheep and honesty is the best policy .
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  • David Barton I appreciate your honesty and love your humour, fuck being PC.
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  • Karen Rickeard I don't always agree with everything you say but I admire your stance, humour and honesty. You often say what other people only think. You stand up to your detractors. Well done and keep up the good work.
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  • AJ Jefferson I think you should have your own Programme on tv. primetime. That'd shake them up a bit, wouldn't it? you call them as you see them........ 
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    • Mik Kershaw A good chuckle every week on top tossers
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    • Colin Bassford That's the real reason I disagree Mik to hopefully one day become a Top tosser .
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    • Lisa Fenwick At the risk of a certain tosser calling us all arse kickers lol

      Personally I love the way you apply logic and research to some really awful subjects, your honesty is like mine you don't get pulled into what you cannot prove or rationalise. You are a r
      eal life mum and friend (pretty gorgeous too lol) given me enough joke and you stand by your guns - fwiw the AM needs far more people like you Danielle - you don't play games !!

      And is Melanie right - I keep my knickers in my bag too - better than wearing them  lol

      Keep up the good work and don't get draw in and brought down - you are doing fab
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    • Margaret Urwin Telling it like it is're an inspiration! xxx
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    • Melanie Clark Lisa Fenwick I'm soooo not surprised to hear you've got knickers in your bag  xx
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    • Clarrie Jane Shillaker-Ford Don't' even think of giving up, we love and need you!xx
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    • Jon Goman Your ace ...I'd like to see you tackle council tax
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    • Danielle La Verite George Yer bunch of soppy bastards  
      Thank you. I've met such lovely people doing this xx
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    • Marie Marshall You put yoursef out there for all to see saying what many of us privately think and you do it with intelligence and humour, you're very brave and I appreciate that.
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    • Kate Coley Danielle, one of the most important things you've done for me is to show that people with mental health issues can still be intelligent capable people who have something to add to the world.
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    • Lisa Fenwick Melanie and I use pound shop hair dye too pmsl  love you 
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    • Simon Laing You make us question what we are being told which is always good. Even when we want to believe that we had the fuckers for a moment. I still dont know what is and what isnt!
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    • Dean Swetman Liking my divvy jokes 
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    • Danielle La Verite George Kate, I'm so pleased about that. I worked hard for years to actually see it as no big deal. I'm honest & open about it & couldn't care less if others find it uncomfortable. 
      You make a really good point, taking the KFM for example, who have disgusting
      questioned my authenticity with regards to my mental health. The ignorance surrounding mental health in this day & age is astounding..

      Lisa Fenwick Melanie Clark so do I!
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    • Shona Mitchell I just LUV ya  !!
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    • Annie Waters You make me laugh, you are smart & you've got more balls than a jugglers jamboree 
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    • Fabrice Bardsley You given me lots of laughs n' giggles.... posed a few questions that have be the catalyst to some good research, been a fine example of being centered in your own gravity and holding your ground... I'd love you to try tackle something meaty like outing leveraged M.P.'s - Laying out who's interests they are acting in whether it's MI5 holding police reports or commercial interests like straw/rifkind got busted for.... or if they get donations from the City of London livery companies, every one you look into would have a dent at the ballot box come May 7. - Thank you for what your doing n' charge on ya superstar!
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    • Serena Munro-Coombe A brave, funny lady bringing much needed attention to important issues xx  I'm not good at flowery stuff but you are lovely Danielle xx
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