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Melanie Clark

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July 6, 2014 6:52 pm
It's Melanie Greening I was about to get lynched so I've gone incognito lol
December 22, 2014 4:18 pm
Matt I am disappointed in you, I thought you were a good guy and you had my respect
Now it seems you are friends with Cahill I'm surprised by this to say the least. I'm presuming you didn't see the page Cahill and his sick friends set up calling Spivey a peado and suggesting to Danielle that she should commit suicide. I myself have received threats from Cahill and his pals. I'm going to have my jaw broken cos I support Spivey and Danielle. I have the screenshots to prove it. These "men" also contacted my 13 year old little girl for what purpose is anyone's guess
I know you have kids Matt and I find it shocking you would have anything to do with Cahill and his cronies such as Shilby and Ian Armstrong. It's not harmless trolling it's illegal the things they've said and done
As I said I thought you were a good honest man and I fully supported you
You've let alot of people down. Melanie/Poppers
December 23, 2014 12:29 pm
I've been keeping out of all this bickering and mud slinging. I've got more pressing things to do, but I'm beginning to realise Tom Cahill and his team have really been stirring the bullshit cauldron.
Yes they have Matt name calling etc is one thing but physical threats of violence is quite another. It has been posted that I raise money for peados and that I'm known to the police for it. I've never been arrested in my life. I'm a housewife with 4 children who happens to be friends with Chris and Danielle. I don't believe that is a good reason to break my jaw Orr have lies about me put on FB for the world to see
The things they've said about Chris and Danielle are some of the vilest things I've ever read. I feel Cahill may actually be mentally ill. As I said yesterday I have respect for you but your friendship with this type of scum is confusing to me Melanie/poppers
i'M with you all the way. if anyone ever reads what i've said to Tom over the last few months will know how i feel towards him. i'm being diplomatic when it comes to Cahill. he is dangerous. all the more reason to keep the lines of communivation open.
I understand your reasoning Matt however now that he's teamed up with some other nuts such as Shillby his activities have become a matter for the police.
We'll all get our just deserves and I'm looking forward to seeing Cahill get his. I would love nothing better to hear he's been locked up. Good riddance.
I'm pleased to hear you say that Matt and thanks for taking the time to respond Melanie/Poppers
February 7th, 3:32pm
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Sunday 11:02am
Hi Melanie. I'm not here to cause problem I promise, but I'm interested in what you think about Danielle's stance on the Hampstead saga? I personally think the pressure is getting to her and that she's close to a break down.
Sunday 1:53pm
I wouldn't want to speak on Danielle's behalf about her stance on anything Matt however having spent the day with her on Friday I can reassure you she's absolutely fine and in good spirits and nowhere close to any sort of breakdown. I hope that puts your mind at rest, no need to worry at all Melanie
Sunday 3:44pm
Cool, thanks...
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