Friday, 27 March 2015

The Hampstead Cover-up: I'm removing anyone.

I'm removing anyone continuing to share the Hampstead videos. It's not about whether or not you believe the story. It's about people whoring out the faces of children who've had their future anonymity completely destroyed by frenzied social media exposure.
This isn't designed to spark a debate about the subject. As a mother & a human being, I want nothing to do with people that would be so complicit in what these children will now live with forever
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  • PsoNik Aitchison Well said Danielle !
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  • Connor Clements Are people still doing that?!
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  • Dean Swetman That's the point they're missing. Alas the damage has been done!
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  • Kai Bowman I said how wrong this was from day one but hardly anybody responded, it's like people just went into a frenzy with no consideration for the innocent children. X
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  • Danielle La Verite George That's still what they're doing. People even told me yesterday that they would expose their own kids in the same way if it were them. Horrified much
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  • Kim Walker i have never shared them , i felt uncomfortable just watching one , i didnt want it on my wall , just seeing one was enough , it felt like i was being a voyeur to paedophilia and to imagine what poor kids go through is enough but i dont want it shoved in my face nor to hear it from babies mouths , some people need to remember there are enough sickos out there who would get off on that shit , not is not to say i will continue to follow what happens , the truth and protection of those kids is what is important x
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  • Dean Swetman The whole thing is crass. If it were handled properly there would be fewer doubts about the authenticity in any sane person's mind!
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  • Kai Bowman Then they must love the feeling it gives them because it certainly wouldn't protect there kids in any way, in fact it would make the experience far more traumatising and put them under huge risk.
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  • Jamie Barnes well said
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  • Connor Clements I must have decent FB friends, I never saw them.
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  • Charley Fagan I'm some what chose to be ignorant to it as it affects my faith in humanity when I read story's about children
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  • Kim Walker i only saw them on truther pages to be honest
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  • Dean Swetman There are lots of cases that need investigating regarding the horrible twats in government. This looks like a typical swerve to me. Misdirected hysteria perpetrated by 'you know who' !
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  • Horatio Hufnagel As I've mentioned before, I've been defriended by 7 people over this, simply for sharing Danielle's last video. It's like a cult.
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  • Adrian Allan they sounded like they were reading from a script from day one. Traumatised children do not talk like that.
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  • Claire Haydon The whole episode is an utter tragedy.
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  • Rebecca Marie Shaw I couldn't agree more, if it was real or not why would you share it? Children are to be protected!
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  • Adam Scarff ... So, change my opinion on the story to your opinion or we can't be friends ? 
    I want the truth like everybody else - either way! 
    There are tonnes of unanswered questions and alleged cover ups in this case ..and a shit load of stupidity. 

    In this day and age it is hard to know what and who to believe.. You just have to go part intuition and research. But I know secret family courts I do not trust one bit. And a news paper article who's research was from the net. As well as a questionable judge. 'May' of used cannabis soup.. Evidence ? .. And obviously doesn't know the effects of cannabis.. Like I say, too many questions but no doubt it will all come out in the wash and yes at the expense of those poor kids having to be put through it all 
    I admire you Madam and know you're brains as well as ornament... but I don't unfriend, it's a little petty... that is your choice though x
    Good luck to you lady 
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  • Ben Williams I agree with Adam, sorry if you don't respect our opinion Danielle but still lots of unanswered questions and I'm not convinced. If you wish to unfriend me that's your choice but it would demonstrate a lack of respect for people's opinions.
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  • Kim Walker no one knows the truth at this point , i think to dismiss it all would be doing those children a disservice , an open mind and some time to evaluate is needed
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  • Danielle La Verite George No, I did say it's not about the opinion of the case. It's the sharing of the videos with the children's faces being shown. I think it's highly irresponsible & only adds to the ruining of these children's lives. Rather than throwing a strop, think about how you'd feel if your children's faces were exposed to that
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  • Ben Williams If my children were being abused (potentially) i would want justice for them. I see your point but surely if these poor kids have suffered and we stop making people aware of it wont the guilty abusers get away with it?
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  • Kim Walker posting those videos jeopardised everything , even when the police interview a child on suspicion of abuse they cannot lead the questioning it has to be done so carefully , the rules are so strict in these cases , i wonder if she was in possession of the childrens passports , if she was why didnt she just take them to russia with her , maybe she didnt have them
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  • Ben Williams Wasn't there evidence of psysical abuse on the children, where did that come from, who was abusing them?
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  • Danielle La Verite George You must've missed what I posted so I'll say it again. The mother has the full backing of the UK column who were releasing the videos with the children's anonymity kept. She went behind their backs & published them showing their faces. There's no excuse for her having done that
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  • Danielle La Verite George Also, I did say I didn't want to debate the case. It's about the kids anonymity in this thread, nothing more
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  • Ben Williams Sorry Danielle but I disagree with you on this.
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  • Danielle La Verite George That's fine. If people want to continue to share those kids faces. They have to live with the responsibility of that.
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  • Kim Walker the thing that is bothering me is that i know how much things get covered up , something happened to a friend of mine , well her daughter , and i cant shout it out because it would be a betrayal but there are things covered up in places like schools that make me see this case in a different way
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  • Kim Walker but i have to say your right about showing the kids , the story could have been done in a different way
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  • Ben Williams I just want an end to child abuse and if that means building awareness then so be it. I agree the kids should be kept out of it but I first heard of this case when a social worker (I think) leaked the videos in order to ensure the alleged abusers didn't get away with it. As the children's faces are in the public domain it makes no difference at this time, what is important is we find the truth and if they have been abused the sick bastards who did this face justice.
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  • Charlie Fawkes I have never watched the vids myself as ,just the description of them alone,gave me a sick feeling in my stomach.i don't know why the mother would want the kids shown in the public domain.even so,the ukcolumn are still backing the mother.i'm on the fence,as I am with the Hollie case,but questions need to be answered.i agree people shouldn't share vids though for sake of them poor innocent children.
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  • Darron Mark

    With everyone tearing strips off each other over this...
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  • John Roberts Sorry Huf, I did not realise you said cult.
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  • Melanie Clark People need to stop sharing the videos no matter what opinion they have on the case. The children should NEVER have been identified in this way it's wrong x
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  • John Roberts Why couldn't they have blurred out their faces and changed their voices?
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  • Kate Coley When you watch those children, you're watching children being abused. When you share that video, you're adding to the abuse of those two children. It has to stop.
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  1. Be strong all. Please help the exposing. This is the mother's website. The faces have been exposed now, they are angels. They'd want us to do all we can to expose and bring to safety. I've been to two of the four court cases and experienced the disgusting show of lies and deceit.