‘Lee died serving his country, doing what he believed in. Serving the country to preserve our way of life, our freedom of speech and the opportunity to be able to walk the streets in peace and say what you feel because that’s what our country is all about.’Ian Rigby, December 19th 2013.

I’ve been asked, directly, by the heart broken family of Lee Rigby to get this page removed from Facebook. Statement on behalf of the Rigby family following the release of my article on the Woolwich hoax, July 2014. So much for free speech


“He was so loving, he really was. He would do anything for anybody. He had a heart of gold. He wouldn’t hurt anybody”. Lyn Rigby talking about her son Lee on Sky news July 12th 2013


 “He was a devoted soldier. He loved what he was doing”. Ian Rigby talking about his stepson Lee on Sky news July 12th 2013. A non violent soldier then!


“This hero should not be going to jail for doing his job and killing a terrorist bastard ridiculous”. Ian Rigby talking about Sergeant Alex Blackman who cold bloodedly shot dead a wounded, unarmed man who had been fighting to liberate his homeland on home soil from an unwanted invading force.  

Indeed, without a doubt the hypocrisy from the Rigby family is truly breathtaking.
After all, if you buy into the official old bollocks surrounding Lee Rigby’s death then by Ian Rigby’s logic the two Michaels must also be heroes.
Never the less, as far as I can see the authorities and ‘the rigbys’ appear to be adopting a “stay quiet and it will all blow over” approach to the evidence that I have put forward… That must not be allowed to happen.
After all, on the strength of the Woolwich old fanny not only has the population been mugged off; a lot of undeserving people have made a lot of money.
Moreover, anti-Muslim hate crimes have soared:
Hate crimes against Muslims have soared this year, new figures have shown.
Hundreds of anti-Muslim offences have been carried out across the country in 2013, with Britain’s biggest force, the Metropolitan police, recording 500 Islamophobic crimes alone.
Many forces reported a surge in the number of anti-Muslim hate crimes following the murder of soldier Lee Rigby by two Islamic extremists in Woolwich, south-east London.  Source
Course, once again this is despite what the rigbys would have you believe… Although I secretly reckon that they were told what to say:
Lee’s mum Lyn said: “Their aim was to divide, to cause conflict, to set people against each other.
“Lee’s death has actually united people.”
Stepdad Ian Rigby said: “Lee’s death has united the country. People wanted to meet us and show their support. He’s become a figurehead to unite the country and bring people together.  Source

PHOTO: Where are the tears Lyn?
Then again, anything that this fraud family say can be taken with a pinch of salt… Oh, and despite what the sadly deluded true keyboard warriors would have you believe, I would love to meet the family.
I am certainly not avoiding them, that is for sure… Although they are avoiding me.
Neither has it escaped my attention that since my evidence was made public – which included questioning the charity set up by Lyn Rigby & Kevin Williams on April 2nd – there has been no further activity on Team Lee United Forces Ltd’s  Facebook page since ‘the family’ decided that they best stop fund raising 3 months after they had started.

Now, if you read my article ‘Charity begins at home – the Rigby home’, then you will have read the following about a fella named Gavin Vitler:
And of course, the fact that the Ltd Company trading off of Lee Rigbys name, with a mocked up photo of someone else being presented as Lee, chooses to apply for charity status a week after my damning revelations quite frankly stinks.
Moreover, the ‘family’ are very close to a biker by the name of Gary Vitler who describes himself as being Lee’s best friend… Which is news to me since I have never heard of him and the last thing that Rigby looks like is a biker.
Now according to Rochdale on-line:
A Middleton man who served in the Army Cadets with murdered Drummer Lee Rigby will lead hundreds of bikers in a moving tribute to his childhood friend tonight (Wednesday 29 May).
More than 200 bikers are expected to ride from Rochdale Town Hall to Middleton Arena where they will sign a book of condolence dedicated to 25-year-old Lee, who was attacked and murdered by two terror suspects in Woolwich last week.
Once at the arena, members of the convoy will sign the book of condolence and collect donations for Lee’s family before moving onto The Middleton Gardens where they will lay flowers and rev their engines for one minute, a mark of respect used by the biker community in place of a minute’s silence.
Organiser Gavin Vitler, 29, said: “It seemed fitting to do something like this for Lee. I remember serving with him in the army cadets when I was 16 and he was 13 and we both went to Middleton Technology College.  Source
Fair do’s.
And purely for your information Middleton Tech College is situated on KENYON LANE, MANCHESTER.   
Now according to the school blurb:

The school was built by Lancashire County Council in the early 1950′s as a secondary modern school called Moorclose.

In 1990 there was yet another reorganisation. The school changed to 11 to 16 and also had a new name – Middleton High School. This changed two years later when it became one of the first schools in the country to be given a specialism. It was now Middleton Technology School which it has remained ever since.
So, how come if Vitler went to the Middleton Tech school with Rigby so many other people have Lee down as attending The Queen Elizabeth school?
I mean, as you read earlier on in this article:
A pal who said he knew Lee from his time at Queen Elizabeth High School said: “He was a funny guy”.
Moreover, according to the Scottish news website Buteman:
One of the local Legion branch’s members, Gordon Scott, grew up in the same town as Drummer Rigby, Middleton near Manchester, and both went to the town’s Queen Elizabeth High School.  Source
And this fact is backed up by the Manchester Evening News:
Lee played football for Middleton Boys and was a pupil at The Queen Elizabeth School on Hollin Lane.   Source
And it is fair to say that The Queen Elizabeth School is no more than a 5 minute walk from Burnside Crescent.
Never the less, someone is clearly lying.
Moreover, the bike ride – consisting of a marathon 7 miles – is described very differently elsewhere on Facebook than the way it is described on the above photo.
So tell me? Just when the fuck did the Rigby ‘Family’ become a charity?
On second thoughts, don’t answer that.
Now according to Jennette Netty Kiely who works very closely with Vitler, the ‘charity’ ride and fun day raised well over two and a half grand.
Poor Paula seems to be under the misapprehension that the money is going to young Jack… However like I proved in a previous article, not only did the Rigby family totally ignore Jack at the funeral and vigil held on the day before, Lyn couldn’t even get his birthday right in one interview that she gave.
And indeed, when you read the blurb, you will see that there is no mention of Jack whatsoever.
Never the less Jennette, who charges £5 (£6 with P+P when paid into her personal paypal account) for a Lee Rigby Patch, which according to one supplier would cost around £2.50 to buy (source) gave that £2511 figure “plus some other money I collected before I left” information out on the 25th of August 2013.
Yet that figure – rounded up to the nearest pound – had somewhat diminished by the 3rd of September… At least it had according to Vitler.
Am I saying that they are on the fiddle?
No, I am just reporting the evidenced facts.
However, if people are happy to give their hard earned to a fella who in 2005 had the maximum ban allowed (2 years) under the ‘Middleton Pubwatch scheme’, its no skin of my nose.
And indeed, Vitler was spotted in Burnside Crescent last week in conversation with Sandra Lord and another woman.
Sandra Lord does of course live directly opposite Lyn.. Just sayin’.
Now, that led to Vitler contacting my Christopher D Spivey Facebook page.
Course, just as I did with Chris Amos, I welcomed the opportunity to speak to those involved with the Rigby clan – which as you have just read, Mr Vitler most certainly is.
However, I don’t get on the CDS Facebook page that much and as such Lisa (admin for the page) messaged me on my Facebook ‘proper’ to tell me that Gavin has been in touch and to ask me what I wanted her to reply.
And that being the case, I told her to tell him to message me on my Facebook proper.
But he didn’t, and as such I went in search of his message which I couldn’t find anywhere.
So anyway, to cut a long story short it turns out that he had blocked me – which I found extremely fucking strange given the message that he’d sent.
I mean, had it not been for Lisa I would never have fucking known that Gavala had even been in touch.
Anyway, Lisa added him as a Facebook friend and eventually she got a response from him.
Which is nice because I do think it is only fair that people who I write about should have the right of reply – word for word, with nowt added in and nowt teken out:
The story with lee is that i went to the army cadets with him and we are doing the fundraising in his name because he was a local lad.
his death brought the community together we raised funds last year for lees mum and step dad to give to their chosen charity.
This year the nominated charity is combat stress we have had patches made up and the money raised of them goes to the charity the memorial ride and bike show is to honour all our armed forces personnel.
not everything in the press is true as you know I have read articles and been shocked by them there is an article in the local paper what i wasn’t interviewed for but says i quoted this that and the other when in fact i didnt say a thing.
I have never said lee was my best friend only a friend from the cadets when we was younger i only ever seen lee in our home town when we bumped into each other on a night out.
And for the article that chris has posted about how much we raised last year my status was a rough guess not an actual amount and for him to put on about the pub watch thing was a little mean to try make out im a thug of some kind the story behind that is it was the day of my grandads funeral and a large group of us decided to go on a pub crawl and in one pub i sat on a bar stool and it collapsed on me and with me having a few beers in me done the silly thing of throwing part of the stool across the pub.
Hopefully that has cleared a few things up I cant say anything about the rigby family because i dont know anything to do with there personnel life just that lyn and ian are a lovely friendly couple I go round on the odd occasion for a brew and a chat about the upcoming events and to see what things we can and cant use ie photes ect .
We have a fundraising team made up of members from different bike clubs and council official’s and a person who logs what money has been raised and were from and when it was paid to the nominated charity next years nominated charity is saffa. many thanks for you time and thanks for reading
Now, it has to be said that as explanations go for Gavin’s suspect behaviour and the anomalies that I pointed out, his are piss poor and don’t hold water.
However, by the same token Gavin is small potatoes in the Woolwich fraud and as such I don’t feel the need to pull his reply apart.
After all, I am not a policeman and I am also sure that you can work out for yourselves where his answers fall down.
Besides, since he has me blocked I cannot ask him for any further clarification anyway.
And in any event, he is right in saying that I was a little mean in adding the pubwatch thing… Even though I don’t for one second believe his reason for the pub ban.
Course, if Gavin and the biker community have the integrity that he would have us believe, then they will read the evidence that I have put forward in the articles found in the Woolwich/Lee Rigby category on this site and then do the right thing.
And no I don’t mean do some fundraising for me ya funny fuckers, I mean that they will spread the word about the fraud.
Unless of course they can come up for explanations as to why the ‘family’ have gone along with the MSM’s account of who is who and their relationship to one another for over a year, without ever once setting the record straight.
After all, the family are presented as being a wholesome, Walton family type clan when nothing could be further from the truth.
Indeed, were it to become common knowledge about the true family dynamics then I sincerely doubt that they would continue to be granted anything like the level of  mass sympathy that they have bestowed on them at this point in time.
Indeed, it is fair to say that the shit could proper hit the fan.
And for those of you newbies reading this who are prepared to accept that you have been mugged off, you can read the solid evidence by clicking  HERE 
Then again, even if you are not ready to accept the fact that the government deliberately staged the murder of Lee McClure AKA Rigby on the 22nd of May 2013, there is still no escaping the fact that the “official” version of events do not match up with what it says on the tin.
For instance the following two photographs have just come to light.
Now, what we have here is basically two seemingly innocuous looking photos of Lee and Becky having a night out with the Metcalfes – Becky’s family.
Moreover, I can confirm that the Metcalfe’s are scooter enthusiasts and given that the photos appear in a scooter clubs photo album on Facebook all goes to add weight to the photos being genuine.
In fact fuck me, one could even point out that there isn’t that much difference between a scooter club and a hairy bikers club – would you not agree Gavala?
Furthermore, the first photo which was apparently taken by Pamela metcalfe (Becky’s cousin I believe) was added to the album on the 27th of December 2012 and the second taken by Jacquie Forth was added on December 30th 2012.
And since the Christmas bash took place on the 21st of December 2012, there is nothing suspect there either.
However, where the suspicion comes in is that they were taken at the same time if you go by the table contents and drinks level.
Yet in Jacquie’s photo we have Jack on Lee’s knee, The woman in purple (possibly Sue Metcalfe) is seated and the photo looks photoshopped to me.
Course, whether or not I am correct about the photoshopping is neither here nor there.
After all, these photos could have been staged.
I mean it is funny that they have only just materialised whilst people like Sue Metcalfe – Lee’s mother in law – are still using  the well known, undoubtedly photoshopped pictures on their Facebook walls.
Indeed, I would suggest that these two photos have miraculously now appeared in order to try and shore up the old fanny.
After all, the weight of evidence to suggest that Rigby and Becky were never married outweighs the evidence that they were – Click HERE if you haven’t read that evidence.
Course, to prove me wrong  about the marriage all that Becky had to do was produce some real photos of the wedding and that would have put that anomaly to bed… But she just blocked me on Facebook instead.
Mind you, having now said that, I don’t doubt that the haters who spend their days trying to prove me wrong with strong counter evidence such as “your a jew hating cunt”, “have you no think better two do” and the argument winning “you really r a silly little man Spivy, u cunt”,will point out that anyone connected to the Rigbys have no need to prove anything to me.
So to save those pillocks of society the time & effort, I will just point out that if the Rigby’s and those associated with the Woolwich fraud are sensible and have fuck all to hide then the best thing that they can do right now is co-operate with me… I mean it really isn’t going well for the MSM desperately struggling to keep a lid on the fraud.
But I won’t hold my breath.
Right, lets get back on track with these two new photos.
Now, if you buy into the official old bollox then you should know that Rigby and his family were barred by Becky from seeing Jack.
Also, bear in mind that Rigby supposedly started seeing Aimee West in August 2012 and got engaged to her in February 2013.
Moreover, Aimee insists that her and Lee were inseparable, knew exactly where each other was at any given point in the day and indeed, actually lived together.
So those two new-old photos make no sense at all do they?
Mind you, if the photos were taken on the 21st of December, then Lee was still wearing the same shirt on Christmas day, which he seems to have spent at his ‘parents’ other home on Latrigg Crescent.
Moreover, despite that fact Lee was still apparently keeping Aimee under wraps since none of his ‘family’ even knew about her and indeed by their own admission hadn’t even so much as spoken to her until his funeral in July 2013… Despite Lyn’s claim that her and her boy had a special bond – although all the evidence points to that “special bond” being nothing more than pie in the fucking sky.
Okay, I should tell you that I mentioned him wearing the same shirt because the evidence points to photographs of Lee & Co – supposedly taken at different times, in different locations, over a minimum of a two year period – all having been taken in two or three photo sessions… However, I haven’t released that evidence yet so for now, on with the ripping yarn.
Now, “our hero” then allegedly spent  New Years Eve at a fancy dress party with Aimee and her friends… Mind you, by that time Lee had turned into a clone of his half sisters boyfriend, Robert Sargeant – having of course previously been a clone of dead soldier Karl Whittle.
NOTE: Since publishing the above photos in my article Family, Friends and Neighbours, I have spoken to Chris Amos.
That conversation is printed in full and can be found by clicking HERE
Course, as I have already evidenced time and time again Aimee West is an out and out liar.
And indeed, if you wanted conclusive evidence that this was a government orchestrated false flag then you need look no further than the “hero’s” fiancee.
After all, we are still being told today that Aimee West was a Royal Military Policewoman, when in fact she was never any such thing.
You see, Aimee herself states that she first met Lee whilst they were instructors at a cadets training camp in Wales in August 2012.
And you can’t be a cadet instructor, given the rank of sergeant if you are a corporal in the RMP.
The following is from my article ‘Headless Chickens’
… So let me now put to bed any notion that Aimee was an RMP.
On November 2nd 2013 most of the national newspapers ran an article about Aimee West planning to quit the army.
The following is taken from the Daily Mail:
The fiancee of murdered soldier Lee Rigby is reportedly leaving the army because she has been unable to cope after his death.
Ms West has told friends she can no longer serve in the Royal Military Police. Source
Now I have already shown you earlier on in this article what the Army manual says about a regular soldier not being allowed to be a cadet instructor.
Moreover, the following was left by way of a comment by a serving soldier called Billy on a previous article about rigby, which reinforces what the army manual says:
Firstly, good work. I’ll keep it brief , I am a serving soldier.
RMP’s rank upon completion of training is Lance corporal.
But for her to wear a fusilier beret and have SGT stripes she must be a cadet instructor. Meaning she would of LEFT the army and decided to help space cadets in her spare time. ( adult instructors get the rank of SGT to start with if they teach cadets) .
One thing I am confused with is ” Lee Rigby” a fusilier , being in the fusilier band , working at a recruitment office and teaching cadets ?
All these jobs at the same time for a private no chance!
Also He wouldn’t of done any career courses to be able to teach as a private ?? No teaching techniques nor the subject matter ?
Okay, now look at these photos and remember what that Daily Mail article says about Aimee planning on leaving the army in NOVEMBER 2013.
haha (2)
So how the fuck can Aimee have been an RMP?
Answer: She couldn’t have been.
And since Aimee was never an RMP, yet appeared with rigby in photographs dressed as an RMP  you can only conclude that either Lee rigby isn’t dead or that the fella/fellas she is posing with – who is supposed to be rigby – in reality isn’t the fella at all.
Moreover, since Aimee appeared at the funeral in the presence of David Cameron dressed in full RMP dress uniform, it is blatantly obvious that our Prime Minister, many members of his cabinet and in particular the Homo Secretary, the Right Orrible Transvestite Terry May, various other MP’s such as Keith Vaz, Boris Johnson who is obviously the Mayor of London, and the head of the Metropolitan police, the wholly corrupt Bernard Hog Howe – not to mention the queen of England, are all a party to the fraud.
Never the less, lets look at some photos of Aimee in her full RMP splendour.
aimee-west-the-funeral-of-drummer-lee_3758466 (1)
Another example of major inconsistencies in Aimee’s constantly changing story would be the text messages that rigby allegedly sent her.
For example:
The night before Lee was attacked and murdered, he had agreed to work at a wedding-themed fashion show being staged at the Tower of London so he could collect bridal products for his soon-to-be wife.
Volunteering for the show meant he only had to work until lunchtime on May 22 – and it was this arrangement which proved fatal.
At 1.30pm, just as Lee was leaving the Tower of London for Woolwich, where Adebolajo and Adebowale were lying in wait, he emailed Aimee: ‘I’m on my way home now princess, so we can have a decent chat tonight. I’m really looking forward to it. Love you xxxx.’ Source
He was fond of sending those cringe inducing fucking texts to people wasn’t he!
And I will also remind you that there was no wedding fashion show at the Tower of London, and even if there was, who the fuck ever heard of the Army helping out the show organisers… Not to mention the fucking apparent flexi-time that army personnel seem to enjoy these days.
Never the less, it is that 1:30PM text message (or e-mail) that I am interested in now… Although why the fuck rigby would send her an e-mail instead of a text is beyond me.
Mind you, whether it be an e-mail or text message, they are both instantly retrievable.
And bear in mind that the details of that text message came straight from the horses mouth – Aimee for you thickos – as reported in the Daily Chimp on the 21st of December 2013.
Furthermore,  just so as there is no confusion whatsoever, I will remind you that the text/e-mail message allegedly said: 
‘I’m on my way home now princess, so we can have a decent chat tonight. I’m really looking forward to it. Love you xxxx.’
Yet just two short months later, Aimee categorically stated on live TV that Rigby had sent her a text  message just 20 minutes before he was murdered:
Murdered fusilier Lee Rigby sent a heartfelt text to his fiancée trying to cheer her up just 20 minutes before he was slain in the street.
The soldier, 25, tried to cheer up his fiancée Aimee West, who was homesick in Afghanistan, telling her ‘Princess, keep smiling for me.’
The military policewoman said the text continued: ‘I know it is hard and you really want to come home but just remember I am always there for you and I will always love you no matter what. We are on the home stretch… you will always come first in my life xxxx’.  Source
That then would have put the time that she received that text at around 2 PM since according to the official version of events – as set by the establishment – rigby was struck by the Vauxhall Tigra at 2:20 PM, or 1:26 PM if you go by the CCTV evidence used in court to convict the two Mickeys… It is a fucking good job that I am not sarcastic.
Neither was this just a case of Aimee getting her times mixed up because she was in fact talking about a completely differently worded text – as you can see.
Now, that second text makes little sense when taken in comparison to the one sent at 1:30 PM – especially so when the couple hadn’t presumably spoken to each other within that half hour time frame.
Moreover, you have to question not only why Aimee didn’t reply to the texts but why Rigby had sent them in the first fucking place.
You see, I say that because once again according to Aimee, she and Rigby had an arrangement about what times they would ring each other:
She describes how she called from Camp Bastion that Wednesday afternoon at about 2.30pm UK time, as they’d agreed ‘but it went to voicemail. It was the first time he hadn’t answered in the three months I’d been in Afghanistan.
‘I called again and again – probably five times in close succession with the same result. I knew something wasn’t right but of course I had no idea what at that stage. It was so unlike Lee. We were like clockwork: we knew exactly where we were and what we were doing at all times.’
From her tent, which was decorated with pictures of Lee, cards he had sent her and his Manchester United shirt, she picked up her Kindle and wrote an email saying: ‘I tried to ring you – email me when you want me to ring you xxxx. Source
Now, before I go any further I will remind you that the details about the two text messages along with the above old fanny about the phone calls have all come as direct quotes from Aimee herself.
Therefore, the 1:30 PM message:  ‘I’m on my way home now princess, so we can have a decent chat tonight. I’m really looking forward to it. Love you xxxx.’  is in stark contradiction to Aimee’s claim that they were due to speak at 2:30 PM and begs the question: Why the fuck would Rigby text Aimee at 1:30PM and then again at 2PM when they were due to speak – as agreed -on the phone just half an hour later despite rigby stating in his text that they would “have a decent chat tonight”?
That fact is again confirmed by the Daily Telegraph:
Ms West knew something was wrong after Mr Rigby failed to answer the phone just a few hours earlier, at the time they had agreed she call him from Camp Bastion. This was the first time Mr Rigby, who was concerned about her safety in Helmand Province, had not answered the phone in three months.
She added: “It was so unlike Lee. We were like clockwork: we knew exactly where we were and what we were doing at all times.”
Mr Rigby had volunteered to work at the Tower of London at a wedding fair on the day of his death on May 22, so he could pick up items for Ms West. This decision meant he finished at lunchtime and was walking back to Woolwich barracks as Adebolajo, 29, and Adebowale, 22, were prowling the streets. Source
You will also notice that it keeps coming back to that fucking wedding fair old fanny?
Have these people writing the fucking script any idea of how absurd this sounds?
Let me re-fucking-cap for you:
We have a married soldier called Lee, who is separated from his wife Becci, although they are apparently getting back together.
That is despite him having been and still being at the time of his ‘murder’ engaged to Aimee West for the past 3 months.
Lee also has the best job in the world, where he can pick what tasks he wants to do during his long 4 hour working days.
For instance, on the day that he is killed Lee had decided that he would work at a wedding fair – like soldiers tend to do – because despite getting back with his wife Becci, he needed to buy some things for his unbooked wedding to Aimee.
His fiancee Aimee – who unlike any other soldier on deployment in Afghanistan - was on a 3 month tour of duty when Lee was killed.
That is despite there being no such thing as a 3 month tour since all deployments to Afghanistan are for a minimum of 6 months and have in fact not so long ago been increased to 8 months by the Defence Secretary Philip Hammond.
Course, Lee intended to buy all of this stuff for their wedding despite Aimee not really liking him buying her stuff for their unplanned, unbooked wedding.
Never the less, Lee is a control freak who needs to know where she is every minute of the day and if he doesn’t get his own way, he blubbers like a right proper fucking baby girl.
Then, with Lee having now been murdered Aimee is given indefinite compassionate leave (CL), despite CL normally only being for one week – which is irrelevant since she isn’t entitled to it anyway what with her not being nominated as his next of kin.
Never the less, the army being pretty flexible and easy going where soldiers are concerned thought “fuck it” and gave it to her anyway – flying the lying bitch home in the bargain.
Meanwhile, there has been a delay in publicly naming rigby because no one could find his wife to tell her.
This meant that the 4 army personnel – dressed as policemen in plain dark suits – waiting on standby to tell rigbys mother about her son’s death didn’t get to do so until gone midnight.
And that is despite the fact that I am reliably informed by a former RMP that there are only ever two army personnel at most (usually just one CNO) who break the bad news to the next of kin (NOK) or Elected Contact (EC), who in this case was Rebecca and not Lyn.
The family then do a press conference on the 2nd full evening after the event, where Rebecca is seen holding hands with rigby’s sister and comforting his step-father – despite the families not speaking for at least 10 months and Rebecca having banned them from seeing their grandson Jack.
Despite this anomaly, the rigbys say fuck all when Rebecca announces that her and Lee were intending to get back together the very weekend before he was killed… Which Lyn must have known about since Lee tells her everything.
Mind you, they wouldn’t have said fuck all since they had never met or even spoken to their sons new fiancée Aimee, despite them taking every opportunity possible to tell the world what a close knit, loving family they were before the murder.
We are then treated to a glowing tribute by rigbys commanding officer who says that PRIVATE Rigby who is so fucking useless that he is still a PRIVATE after 6 or 7 years is the kind of soldier every regiment should have… Despite rigby having not been with his own fucking regiment for at least 2 years.
Mind you, Jim Taylor – rigbys commanding officer – was making it all up as he went along anyway since he didn’t know rigby from Adam; being as he had only just taken charge of the regiment – which rigby wasn’t with anyway.
And in any event, Taylor had never met rigby anyway.
Taylor then ended his praise by saying “Once a Fusilier, always a Fusilier” which is quite ironic really since there is no concrete evidence to suggest that rigby was ever a fucking Fusilier.
Indeed, there is however compelling evidence pointing to Rigby having been a Cadet instructor at the time of his death.
Therefore, “once a cadet, always a cadet” would have been far more appropriate.
And then, just to cap it all, the Cuntry celebrate this potato peeler as being a Hero.
Are you all fucking bon-bons for Dogs sake?
Moreover, that is just his fucking death. The rest of the story and fallout is a lot more far fucking fetched…  Yet those daft twats that believe this old bollox claim that I am the fucking mad man???
What a fucking thick lot of retarded, gullible, spineless clones I live amongst… You stupid, stupid, stupid cunts… And I don’t mean that in the nice sense of the words… Ya fucking brainless twats.
But lets carry on, because Aimee’s bullshitting is far from over yet, don’t cha know.
You see, she even managed to sneak allegations of yet another text in from Lee, which he inexplicably sent at 1:50PM – approximately half hour before his ‘murder’, twenty minutes after his last text and ten minutes before his next – the latter two making no mention whatsoever of the fact that she hadn’t replied to the first:
Then, at 1.50pm Lee wrote, in what would be his last email: ‘Talk soon, love you. xxxx’.
Fewer than 30 minutes later, at 2.18pm, he was run down by the killers’ car. By 2.21pm, he had been stabbed and hacked multiple times and his corpse dragged into the centre of the road. Source
Although obviously that wasn’t his last message if the lying slapper is to be believed and that 2:18 PM timeline is an impossibility.
Moreover, before I go any further I will once again remind you that it was Aimee herself who provided this information to the MSM.
With that in mind, it is quite extraordinary that she forgot about the 2PM text that he had sent:
Princess, keep smiling for me.’
The military policewoman said the text continued: ‘I know it is hard and you really want to come home but just remember I am always there for you and I will always love you no matter what. We are on the home stretch… you will always come first in my life xxxx’.  Source
Hmmm, what a load of old fanny.
I tell you what, all those military bigwigs swarming around Aimee in her fake RMP role make my blood fucking boil.
And of course, Aimee’s tears, like Becky’s tears, like Lyn’s tears are all fake as fuck.
article-2331079-1A00E9F3000005DC-996_634x423 (1)
And to think that people buy into this old bollox!
I mean, I wrtote in a Facebook status on the 22nd of May 2013 that this is just old fanny designed to stir up racial hatred… And a year and three months on that agenda is clearly plain to see.
After all, you can’t get much more in ya face racial shit stirring than an ITV report that appeared yesterday:
Teachers at schools involved in the ‘Trojan Horse’ investigation allegedly claimed the murder of Lee Rigby was “some kind of staged event or hoax”, according to a government report.
The report’s author, retired counter-terrorism officer Peter Clarke, analysed the contents of a social media discussion between teachers at Park View School who called themselves ‘The Park View Brotherhood’. Source
So, basically that article confirms that you can no longer air your thoughts to friends in a private conversation without running the risk of being accused of being a Muslim extremist.
Moreover, unless you agree with what the nonce ponce criminal government tell you to believe then you are targeted as a potential suicide bomber.
Fuck me, people are dumb.
Mind you, that becomes obvious when you read the article comments after it was published on ITV’s Facebook page.
You can find those comments by clicking HERE
However, despite most of them apparently having been written by half witted, dead eyed fish, a bird called Sharon Watts stood out head and shoulders above your average shit for brains.
Fuck me, if there was ever a reason to rethink the education system then Sharon is surely it.
Never the less, how the fuck can that ‘news’ item not be anything other than a means of stirring up racial tension?
After all it was a private conversation, whereas in comparison I openly report that Lee Rigby’s murder was a false flag, yet I don’t see ITV coming after me.
Or do you believe that ITV do not know about this site whilst the rest of the UK MSM do?
Course, if by some minor miracle ITV don’t then they certainly will now once they read the comments, so it will be interesting to see if the news channel will dare report on what I have to say.
Then again, I doubt it very much. After all, I am not a Muslim so there is no fear factor to be promoted.
Neither am I asian so that has fucked the racial shit stirring side of things.
And then there is the matter of my version makes fucking sense and Dog forbid that ITV would ever send their viewers somewhere that they might learn the true story.
Course, it wouldn’t hurt for you all to report the news item. After all, inciting racial hatred carry’s a 7 year prison sentence.
Moreover, why should the racist cunts be allowed to get away with it unchallenged?
After all, remaining silent will only result in things getting worse.
And fuck me, the way things are going every town and city in the country will soon have a Lee Rigby Avenue and Lee Rigby Memorial in the town square.
Yet when did you ever read about another part time cadet instructor who was on the verge of bigamy becoming a fucking hero?
Talk about being mugged off. Fuck me, even his mother uses photo shopped images to promote her LTD Company that she loosely disguises as a charity.
Course, it is little or no surprise that Rigby is now getting a memorial in Woolwich.
I mean fuck me, such was the backlash when the council first refused that they quickly changed their minds and used taxpayers money to make the 400+ mile round journey to ask Lyn ‘rigby’ what she had in mind:
A spokesperson speaking on behalf of Mrs Rigby wrote on the memorial for Lee Rigby Facebook Page: “Had a lovely meeting with Greenwich Council leaders that took time to come from London to visit us in our home and listen to our views on a memorial for Lee we can now announce the full support of the council backing a Memorial for Lee in Woolwich will be going ahead. Source
Talk about taking the right fucking piss!
They will be wanting fucking medals next.
“They have already got them Spiv”.
Ohhh yes, thank you for reminding me Voicey.
The family is a fraud, and I find it highly embarrassing that the majority of my fellow countrymen are too dumb to even realise that much, never mind that the government is dumping all over us.
Fuck me, I have even seen websites calling for Lyn to be made a Baroness… IMAGINE THAT!
Course, now that Lorna Taylor – the woman who has been campaigning for this Woolwich memorial on behalf of Lyn & Co[n] – has bullied Greenwich Council into agreeing to a memorial, she has found herself at a loose end:
Lorna Taylor, whose son fought with Fusilier Rigby in Afghanistan and is friends with his mother Lyn Rigby, has led a campaign to erect a memorial for the fallen soldier. She said: “It is fantastic news. Lyn and the family are over the moon.
“It is the result they wanted for Lee’s everlasting memory.
“Lyn said she was just so happy Lee was going to get the memorial he deserves.”
News Shopper: Lorna Taylor holding her petition for a permanent memorial to Lee Rigby in Woolwich
PHOTO: Lorna Taylor
Fuck me, who isn’t friends with Rigby?
I mean, if Lorna is to be believed then Lee and her son practically used to skip to work together:
“Lee and Luke were friends and served on tour together in Cyprus and Afghanistan. They used to walk to Woolwich barracks together.
“Lee was the epitome of righteousness. He was a gorgeous boy. Everything he stood for, it breaks my heart. Source
Yet as with all of Lee’s ‘friends’, I cannot find any fucking evidence to back that friendship up or that it ever even existed… Indeed, I will wager that Rigby was not stationed at Woolwich Barracks.
Never the less, lets get back to what I said about Lorna Taylor having too much time on her hands.
And with that being the case, you will never guess what she is campaigning for now… You won’t honestly.
You see, Loopy Lorna – good friend to Lyn – is only campaigning for donations to send the Rigbys on holiday… Fuck me, my buttocks clenched when I typed that.
However, before I tell you any more about that toe curlingly embarrassing fund raising effort, I will just remind you that I questioned whether or not the youngest Rigby child, Amy even exists.
Now, if you have read my article ‘Family, Friends and Neighbours’ you will know what led me to come to that conclusion.
Never the less, if you haven’t then you can read that article by clicking HERE but basically Amy is the spitting image of Megan McClure who is touted in the MSM as being Lee’s sister:
Parents Lyn, 46, and Phil McClure, 53, had Lee and three daughters, Sara, 24, Chelsea, 21 and Megan, before they split up.
Lyn later met and married Ian Rigby and the young man took his stepfather’s name.
The couple went on to have two daughters, Courtney, 11, and Amy, eight.  Source
However, as you should know by now, that description is total bollocks.
Megan McClure is Lee’s 1st cousin and his half sisters – Sara, Chelsea & Courtneys – half sister.
And to think that you newbies believed this family to be anything other than dysfunctional.
Anyway, I came to the conclusion that Amy was brought into the play act as and when she was needed because she wasn’t at the funeral, she wasn’t in the family christmas photo, she wasn’t at the rigby home when they had their garden makeover (yet another freebie) and she wasn’t at the private ceremony to commemorate the first anniversary of the fraud.
Moreover, Ian never appears to have any interaction with Amy and appears much closer to Courtney, who is in all probability also the daughter of Alex McClure.
Now, the following is what I wrote in that article ‘Family, Friends and Neighbours’ and I should add for those who don’t know that the Hounslow Royal British legion where the following photos were taken is a major connection between the Southern and Northern players in the hoax:
Course, what led me to that conclusion has still to be revealed but I do believe that the girl in the following photos, taken at the Hounslow Royal British Legion is in fact the child used to play Amy… That is to say, her along with photographs of a young Megan McClure, whose father Alex McClure is also father to Sara and Chelsea McClure – and in all likelihood Courtney Rigby too.
I can also tell you that the fella in the army suit stood behind ‘Amy’ (Joe Indaco) is also actively involved in the fraud.
So, with that in mind, I find it very, very hard to believe that Lorna Taylor – friend, campaigner and fundraiser for the Rigby family – forgot all about Amy Rigby when she started fundraising for their holiday.
You really couldn’t make this shit up.
And finally, just for you Karianne since you asked so nicely, here are some photos of Benton taken yesterday and today.
As you can see, he is having a hard time settling in.
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