Friday, 27 March 2015

John Roberts aka Fabooka De Stait

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Monday 5:50am
You've gone right down in my estimations peddling this crap about the Hampstead sage being fake. Anything to boost Danielle's credibility hey! She selectively dismisses mainstream opinion when it makes her look good in a video and then promotes mainstream opinion when it suits her.
Monday 7:10am
Oh, I am all for rooting people out. Something did not sit right with me regarding those men talking to the kids. Especially considering they are not their own children. The mother looks to be a bit of a loon, and I watched the vids and passed comment when I saw them a while back.
I ain't peddling anyone's crap. I don't doubt such things go on, but this was not they are trying to say...furthermore, those kids did not seem as precise in what they said, as I imagined a child of their age would do.
I think this story may have been popped out to raise attention in a manner similar to something McAlpine would advocate.
In addition..I would not be fleeing anywhere, especially if I felt I were justified in what I had done. After all, my whole aim would be to then fight the system and anyone in it who permitted such actions.
I would not be doing that by running away like a child myself.
Cool okay. Thanks. I suppose it'll all come out once the evil regime falls and all their secrets become known.
Monday 12:42pm
I'm having real trouble with this Hampstead saga. Now we hear Louise Collins and Brian Gerrish swear blind they believe the story having actually meet the parents involved. Can you see how Danielle's refusal to even contemplate the possibility that the kids are telling the truth, is seriously damaging the Truth....
Monday 2:54pm
Well, it only her opinion and she is entitled to it. I was not aware of the opinions of Gerrish & Co. If they believe the situation as said that is their choice. Searching for the truth does not mean everyone has to agree and run along just to be conformist with some said belief. As I say, certain things about those videos made me very uncomfortable, and it was not just the nature of the content. Danielle seems adamant that it is bollocks and she also said she was privy to some other pertinent information. I have read a few unsavoury things about the mothers boyfriend, and they seemed to go with my previous suspicions. It may or may not be true....That being said, it has been totally misrepresented, made out to be something it is not, and the children gave me the worry that they may have been being coerced. Also, when I see who was totally behind the release of this to the wider press, it made me even more suspicious, as I personally would not trust the likes of that Sabine McNeil as far as I could throw her. She is meant to have left the country as well. If I believed something, and had no doubts, I would have got more evidence than just the kids talking and I would also shout it from the rooftops. Why did they not use voice activated recorders, on the children and let them go in like nothing had happened?
What's your connection with Fabooka De Stait? He's come out against Danielle. She's losing friends fast.
Monday 4:48pm
I am Fabooka De Stait.
And was Christopher Green.
oh right. i'm very confused and very fucked
No worries.
yes ì am worried.
What about?
that the fuck i have no idea who you I'm talking to?
Yeah you be talking to me.
you ok?
sorry u'll try agaun. i don't know who the fuck i am talking to
Yeah me..Fabooka.
no i'm not okay mate. seriously confused and annoyed that i've been lied to.
What about?
Who by?
by you.
How do you figure that one out?
Have we discussed anything?
I hear she says she has been contacted by everyone you have got in touch with about her, and she has saved all the communications. Says she is going to expose you publicly.
So you've got a community page naming Fabooka De Strait and I've already befriended you as Chris Green, but you've befriended me again as John Roberts, with a nerdy looking profile pic. I only know you as an administrator of Chris Spivey. For some reason I read a message from Fabooka De Stait (which I mistook as criticising DVL for her Hampstead stance.) I then message you thinking you are a separate person than Chris Green. Can you see my I'm annoyed and considering you will share this message with DLV, I now look a dick!
Monday 8:43pm
I sort of see what you mean..But not sure how you came to such a conclusion.
How come you came to me as John Roberts, saying I had gone down in your estimation, as I do not think there is anything to suggest on Spivey that John is an Admin on there
Also, I am not sure, it says anything about John Roberts Adminning on Fabooka De Stait community page.
How come you made yourself a new FB profile? Aren't you happy just being Chris Green? You befriended me knowing you were lying to me. You made yourself out to be John Roberts, when I had already befriended you as Chris Green. It's weird, that's all I'm saying.
Nah, nothing like that. I don't tell lies. I got banned cos of my comments and they said it was not my real name.
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