Now, as you probably already know, Detective Inspector Peter Sparks was/is a major player in the Woolwich hoax.

If you don’t then I suggest you read my article ‘Mugged Off‘ which you can do so by clicking HERE
However, in a nutshell DI Sparks is the Rigby family liaison officer who I discovered used to drink in the Hounslow Royal British Legion (HRBL) before it burnt down.
Of course, there is nothing wrong with that until you learn that Lee Rigby’s fiancee Aimee West, his ‘best friend’ Sean Sheer and a number of assorted other players in the Woolwich hoax – including Prime Minister Cameron’s chum, Martin French –  are also long time members of the club.
Okay, now  check out these photos. Sparks is the ginger haired fella in a suit.
DSC00979 (1)
Now, since Aimee West is a Cadet Instructor yet was touted in the MSM as being an RMP, you would have to be rather naive to believe that DI Sparks wasn’t aware that he was taking part in a fraud crime.
Especially since Sparks is seen in photos in conversation with the military top brass who were also seen deep in conversation with Aimee at Lee’s funeral where she was attired in full RMP dress uniform.
Moreover, it quickly came to my attention that Sparks earned his stripes, so to speak, after being allowed to give ‘hearsay’ evidence in his capacity as acting DI in the 7/7 false flag old fanny. Source
But evidence of Peter Sparks involvement with false flag operations doesn’t end there… Ohhh no.
You see, our intrepid Detective Inspector Sparks flew out to Los Angeles in April of this year to take part in a major international counter terrorism conference held by LinCT-AA.
LinCT-AA  stands for Leadership in Counter terrorism Alumni Association and the conference is billed as the premier event of the year in the field of counterterrorism, attracting senior officials from across the nation and the world.
So, for Sparks to be asked to speak at the conference he must be perceived amongst the worlds police force hierarchy as being the dogs bollocks.
Now, the conference has a very interesting and somewhat fucking sinister logo as I am sure you will agree when you look at the photo below.
Now that should really get alarm bells ringing, especially when you read the blurb:
The principle purpose of the LinCT-AA is the promotion of personal and professional development, networking, exchange of good practice, and global thinking of its members.
One of the best ways to achieve that purpose is to involve ourselves in the annual conference.
Whilst participating in this year’s conference you will meet and network with subject matter experts, industry partners and with graduate participants who have completed the various international LinCT Programs over the last 10 years.
And neither are the warning bells made any quieter when you learn that the conferences main sponsor’s are Palantir Technologies founded by a mush named Alex Karp.
Now, according to a Forbes article last year:
Palantir lives the realities of its customers: the NSA, the FBI and the CIA–an early investor through its In-Q-Tel venture fund–along with an alphabet soup of other U.S. counterterrorism and military agencies. In the last five years Palantir has become the go-to company for mining massive data sets for intelligence and law enforcement applications, with a slick software interface and coders who parachute into clients’ headquarters to customize its programs…
Palantir’s advisors include Condoleezza Rice and former CIA director George Tenet, who says in an interview that “I wish we had a tool of its power” before 9/11. General David Petraeus, the most recent former CIA chief, describes Palantir to FORBES as “a better mousetrap when a better mousetrap was needed” and calls Karp “sheer brilliant.”
Among those using Palantir to connect the dots are the Marines, who have deployed its tools in Afghanistan for forensic analysis of roadside bombs and predicting insurgent attacks. The software helped locate Mexican drug cartel members who murdered an American customs agent and tracked down hackers who installed spyware on the computer of the Dalai Lama. In the book The Finish, detailing the killing of Osama bin Laden, author Mark Bowden writes that Palantir’s software “actually deserves the popular designation Killer App.”
And now Palantir is emerging from the shadow world of spies and special ops to take corporate America by storm. The same tools that can predict ambushes in Iraq are helping pharmaceutical firms analyze drug data. According to a former JPMorgan Chase staffer, they’ve saved the firm hundreds of millions of dollars by addressing issues from cyberfraud to distressed mortgages.
The bottom line: A CIA-funded firm run by an eccentric philosopher has become one of the most valuable private companies in tech, priced at between $5 billion and $8 billion in a round of funding the company is currently pursuing. Karp owns roughly a tenth of the firm–just less than its largest stakeholder, Peter Thiel, the PayPal and Facebook billionaire. (Other billionaire investors include Ken Langone and hedge fund titan Stanley Druckenmiller.) That puts Karp on course to become Silicon Valley’s latest billionaire–and Thiel could double his fortune–if the company goes public, a possibility Karp says Palantir is reluctantly considering. Source
Hmmm, very sinister then.
And, personally speaking Sparks taking part in the conference leaves no doubts in my mind whatsoever that I am right to suspect him of being a proper wrong un.
Now, you may have noticed that Sparks surname is spelt Sparkes in the above screenshot but since the MSM all spell it without the ‘e’ I have done likewise.
You can find further information about that conference by clicking HERE
However, before anyone pipes up that our DI Peter Sparks of Woolwich hoax fame is probably a different fella altogether, I can assure you that Sparks & Sparkes are one of the same.
You see, as you continue to read the NWO bollocks, you eventually come to DI Sparks “speaker biography” which not only clarifies his name but also reveals some very interesting facts about his career.

Fuck me, there are some controversial cases mentioned on his CV aren’t there?
Straight away, the Westgate shopping mall false flag bomb sticks out.
The following is taken from an article on the African false flag written by Peter Eyre:
Let’s now take a look at the False Flag in Nairobi as it unfolded:
Did you ever see the photograph of a family that were hiding behind a counter in fear of being shot by the alleged terrorist that were close by…….what sticks out in this photograph is that they were hiding and yet the camera man who took this shot was standing up and obviously would have drawn attention to the terrorist and certainly have exposed the family on the floor!!!!
“Keep still and don’t move otherwise the terrorist will see you”
Note the angle of the camera almost directly overhead and now take a look at the video of their dramatic rescue!!!…….who were they hiding from the camera crew?
Oh mummy I am really scared!!! do I have to take my shopping bag with me?
Oh my God where did the mother and children go……..was it a case of now you see them and now you don’t?
In a way I fear for these actors lives because if ever they are interviewed by genuine reporters they will spill the beans!!!
Now take a look at the girl in pink as she is allegedly rescued……if you watch the rescue video very carefully you will note the calmness of this family and then suddenly someone telss her to look scared and cry, which she does very briefly, then she picks up her bag and runs away……on the second shot below you can see her again being carried by someone else still clutching her shopping bag ……come on folks wake up to this false flag
“Make that order a Latte please, sorry I dropped the script I have now forgotten my line”
“Action” – Camera Rolling lol!!!
The next point of observation is the way the special forces moved around the building and the video showing them coming down the stairs on full camera……you can see the very casual stance they show and their eyes occasionally looking at the camera……if this was a genuine hostage release team how did the camera crew get so close…… actual fact so many inside clear shots in a shopping mall full of terrorist…..come on folks they would never allow the media in under such circumstances…….it would be what you Americans call a full “Lock Down.”
Security officers secure an area inside Westgate Shopping Centre in Nairobi
Mossad  agents yells out “There’s the Al Queda group, for F sake camera crew keep your heads down”
“Are you media guys armed as Al Qaeda are just around the corner”
Take a look at this video off all the immaculate photographs taken and remember this mall was almost a war zone or was it?
“Don’t you dare eat that water melon” said the smiling policeman
Wipe that f…… smile off your face man….this is serious business ok?
Course, the Westgate shopping mall bomb is also synonymous with the most preposterous terrorist ever.
I am of course referring to Samantha Lewthwaite, given the buttock clenching nickname, the White Widow by the MSM.
And as you probably know, I suspect that Sam Lewthwaite and Rebecca Rigby are actually one of the same person.
That is to say, I suspect that Rebecca Rigby is one of the people who also plays Sam Lewthwaite since all the main players in these false flag operations are usually played by more than one person.
I mean, I doubt very, very much that the photo found below, which is used on a Lee Rigby remembrance page is four different people by coincidence.
Indeed, I believe that it is a deliberate attempt to confuse and muddy the waters.
I also noticed that Sparks worked with the Norwegian police and although I can find no evidence, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this ‘work’ is in connection with Anders Behring Breivik,
There is no such speculation however when it comes to the highly suspect shooting of  Jean Charles De Menezes.
And indeed, going by Steve Challice’s Linkedin page it is also pretty safe to assume that DI Sparks also works in “the management of sex offenders” . Source

And talking of Linkedin, you may remember that I pointed out the Army Cadets involvement with the Woolwich hoax in my article Headless Chickens
Now, take a look at these photos from that article.
Now, shortly after the release of that article I had the young fella in the screenshot below look at my Linkedin profile.
Unfortunately, due to him not being in my ‘network’ I can’t view his profile so I am not exactly sure how he viewed mine.
Never the less, he looks fucking similar to the fella in the above photos doesn’t he?
And coincidentally enough young Sinclair is in recruitment – just like everyone else seems to be these days.. Just sayin.