Be part of the change.

Christopher Spivey

I Received the following e-mail from Orange, who host my site.
Although this is a standard letter to all of their clients the attacks on Orange are exclusively an attempt to silence me.

Wolfie is working closely with Orange, who far from pissed off are doing all they can to keep my site accessible. 
The header photo shows the number of attacks launched against my site.

Anyone trying to access the site via mobile will need to use TOR to do so.

You may also want to ask yourself who has the capability to take down Icelandic servers.
Once you work that out you may want  to ask yourself why the security services are working so hard and spending vast amounts of your money trying to keep me quiet.
Are you not adult enough to make your own mind up about what I write?
Do you not object to your money being used to stop you reading about how corrupt your government is?
And trust me the filthy nonce scum are as corrupt as they come.
GET FUCKING ANGRY… Do not meekly accept the unacceptable.
Their time of taking the piss is coming to an end. 
Be part of the change.
Dear Client,
As you may have noticed we have been performing emergency maintenance on our websites ( and This was due to several high profile DDoS attacks targeting our infrastructure between 3rd and 6th of July.
We are going to enable our system within an hour (6PM GMT) and you will be able to access your customer account, as well as open support tickets through the client area interface. NOTE: you still won‘t be able to send us emails or open/answer support tickets through email. The only way to open and respond to support tickets is through the client area at *link removed*
Please note as our system is still under attack. Our security department is mitigating the attack as we speak the website might be however working slower than usual until the attack is over!
IMPORTANT: If you have paid any invoices between 3rd – 8th of July. Please open a support ticket with us to make sure the payment has gone through. Please attach the payment information (including invoice number, transaction ID, payment method and amount sent) within your ticket.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this. A further incident report will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience and understanding!
Best greetings,
Security & Network Department