Now it has to be said that Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale are as different as chalk and cheese.
In fact on the 22nd of May 2013 Adebowale looked and acted like one of those tramp nutters that you see walking up and down any given high street in the land who make a right fucking nuisance of themselves.
Now, where Adebowale is concerned there is one incident in particular that needs to be discussed, which was also hinted at in the press last December as being the cause of his descent into madness.
Course, if the MSM are hinting at it then you know that its bollocks.
Never the less, for now we will pretend that it is true.
The incident in question allegedly happened when Adebowale was 16 years old:
At 16, Adebowale was seriously affected by the murder of a fellow gang member who was “cut to pieces” when he was attacked by a bare-knuckle fighter, Lee James, in a drug-induced psychotic episode at a crack den in Erith, Kent. Adebowale was stabbed twice in the 2008 attack.
He was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and had counselling with a psychiatrist but failed to respond to treatment. Following his arrest for the murder of Lee Rigby, he told psychiatrists that he believed he had seen James in Belmarsh prison and was reluctant to go through doors there.  Source
Now I always find it best to go back to the original articles on account of the MSM  are fucking liars.
And with that being the case, you can read the full details of the attack in an article dating back to December 2008 by clicking  HERE
However, because Adebowale was only 16 at the time, he is not named in that article.
Therefore, there is no actual proof that Adebowale was the youth who was there and stabbed twice in the neck.
Never the less, as coincidence would have it Adebowale’s assailant was a fella named Lee James, which just so happens to be Lee Rigby’s first and second names.
Moreover, Adebowale is of Nigerian extract, whereas  the original article states that Lee James’ victims were 2 Afghans and a Somalian.
The following is from the Murdermap website:
He burst into the flat screaming: ‘You f*****g Somalians, you want to ruin my country, you want to blow up my country, you want to sell drugs in my country. This is what you get.’
The three victims, two of whom were Afghani, were all said to be affiliated with the notorious south London street gang the ‘Woolwich Boys‘.
Now, according to the MSM, Adebowale was jailed for 15 months in 2009 for drug offences.
And, it has to be said that is some serious sentence for a 17 year old boy who has never been to prison before.
However, I’m fucked if I can find any record of it so once again, it could all be bollocks.
Indeed, it is my understanding that Adebowale was in the USA during this period.


You can read more about Adebowale and Lee James by clicking  HERE
Okay, lets look at Adebowale’s life as told to us by the MSM post 22nd May 2013.
However, I should point out that just like the MSM’s detailing of Michael Adebolajo’s life story, Michael Adebowale’s is even more vague in detail not to mention contradictory.
I will start with the Daily Chimp ( The Daily Mail for newcomers) who like all the other mainstream lying shit rags has been keen to point out that both Michaels were well behaved, well liked lads at school:
Grinning at the camera, this is Woolwich suspect Michael Adebowale posing for a school photo in 2007.
During his years at Sherington Primary School and Kidbrooke School in south-east London, he was ‘a lovely boy who knew the difference between right and wrong’, a friend said yesterday.
A former friend, 22, said Adebowale was a model pupil who was ‘extremely shy and very polite’.
Pupil: Michael Adebowale on his last day of school in Year 11 in 2007. He is a suspect in last week's murder of Drummer Lee Rigby
The description is in stark contrast to the images of Adebowale, 22, holding a bloodied carving knife moments after the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, south London.
The former friend, who was friends with Adebowale from the age of five to 16, said yesterday she was ‘utterly shocked’.
The mother of two from Lewisham said: ‘He was genuinely a lovely boy. Occasionally he would get picked on by two or three boys who were in our year but it was just words.
‘I never saw him be violent or anyone else be violent to him.
Now think about it.  Do you really believe that someone who had never been violent in the past could be capable of the extreme violence we are told that he committed on Rigby and not be in extreme shock afterwards?  
I have known people have fist fights, win and still be shaking like a leaf afterwards.
I mean, have a look at an animal having its throat cut on TV. How many of you can watch that shit without wincing at the very least.
Now imagine actually doing that to another human being. I would wager that there are very, very few people capable of doing something like that and then carry on like it is an everyday occurrence to them.
Moreover, I would wager that those who are capable have a long track record of violence.
And that isn’t even taking into account the impact of the car crash and the realisation of not only what they had done by knocking Rigby down, but also by what they were about to do.
Therefore, if you believe that Adebowale and Adebolajo – neither with a track record for extreme violence – tried to behead Rigby after surviving that collision then boy, you dumb.
Moreover, by sheer coincidence Adebowale just so happened to have been mentored by Damilola Taylor’s father:
Meanwhile, the father of murdered schoolboy Damilola Taylor said tonight that he had acted as a mentor to Adebowale, who was known to his friends as Toby.
Asked about Wednesday’s events, Richard Taylor told ITV News: ‘I was terribly shocked at what I saw that day.
‘It’s a different Toby or Michael that I was seeing that day. I don’t believe it was anything Islamic.’
Mr Taylor, whose son was just ten when he was killed in the capital in 2000, said he had tried to help Adebowale after he was bullied at school and then became involved in drugs and gangs.
But he said that when he spoke to Adebowale two months ago, he told him that he had changed his ways as he had become a Muslim.
He went on: ‘Having seen how my own son was stabbed to death, made me feel that… whatever happens, they will still be alive, they will still be on the street or maybe they will take them away from the public or change their faces. They don’t deserve to live.’
Mr Taylor said he had also known Adebowale’s mother, who he said was a probation officer, while he said his father was a representative in the Nigerian High Commission.
Okay, so what we have so far is a well behaved, christian child brought up ALONE by his PROBATION OFFICER mother.
His father, who according to most MSM reports had little to do with his son, worked for the Nigerian Government.
It is also worth mentioning that one of the so called Woolwich Angels, Gemini Donnelly also went to Kidbrooke School and in all likelihood would have been in the year below Adebowale – two years below at the most.
Yet we are supposed to believe that Gemini – whom I shall prove beyond all doubt in the near future was a major player in the Woolwich hoax – didn’t know him.
Okay, continuing with that last article:
Neighbours said his Nigerian-born mother, Juliet Obasuyi, was a probation officer and a ‘hard-working’ Christian woman who raised Adebowale alone after separating from his father.
Police raided her flat and a property linked to Adebowale’s father, Adeniyi Adebowale, in Holloway, North London.
Plain-clothes officers were seen carrying six plastic bags full of video cassettes and audio tapes from the Holloway flat.
The videos appeared to be labelled as football matches but one line of inquiry for police is likely to be whether Adebowale was interested in the type of jihadi videos watched by the July 2005 London bombers.
The four bombers were linked to an extreme bookshop in Leeds which distributed videos of terrorist acts, exhorting followers to emulate them.
Michael Oluwatobi Adebowale was born to Nigerian parents in Denmark Hill, South London, in May 1991. His father was then a student at Rutherford College in Canterbury, Kent, and the couple were said to have separated soon after the birth.
Adebowale attended Kidbrooke School in Greenwich, where former pupils said he was known as Toby or Tobi, an abbreviation of his second name Oluwatobi.
Adebowale was said to have converted to Islam at 19, while studying at Greenwich University, where he met the other Woolwich suspect, Michael Adebolajo.
Family friend Madeleine Edwards, 49, said Adebowale had been in ‘some serious gangland trouble’ in 2010 and that his mother had told her he ‘had to disappear for a while’.
She said Adebowale’s father was a ‘typical African gentleman’ but his mother had struggled to control her wayward son.
Adebowale was said to have left the Greenwich area for a year and returned about eight months ago, wearing traditional Islamic garb and a white skull cap, typically worn by Muslim men who have been on the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.
A neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: ‘Michael would always say hello and play with my children, but in the last year he stopped. He would just ignore us when we saw him at the lift.
‘He used to talk to me very enthusiastically about cooking and his recipes. He loved Jamie Oliver and
Now it has since been proven that Adebowale never attended Greenwich University where he supposedly met Michael Adebowale.
Yet that piece of news was also reported in just about every single MSM newspaper in the country.
And that is despite the sheer stupidity in reporting the ‘fact’ since Adebowale is 6 years younger than Adebolajo… Allegedly.
Moreover, we now see the shitrags making mention of 7/7 in an effort to ramp up the fear factor.
However, in doing so they score another own goal as far as I am concerned.
I mean, I have already linked DCI Peter Sparks to being complicit in the Woolwich hoax as well as linking him to being complicit in the 7/7 hoax.
Now let me tell you about Jermaine Lindsay, the alleged 7/7 bomber who was married to Samantha Lewthwaite, the cringingly nicknamed White Widow who we are laughably supposed to believe is the head of just about every made up terrorist group going.
Moreover, despite the MSM knowing every move she makes along with the fact that she has 4 kids, the combined technology of the UK and USA cannot find her. 
Now to me, that is as strange as all these terrorists targeting civilians whilst never ever targeting our politicians or royal parasites.
Never the less according to J7, the July 7th truth campaign website:    
Lindsay’s name has been reported in numerous variations:
Although all reports seem to agree that when he converted to Islam he changed his name to Abdullah Shaheed Jamal and his family and friends refer to him by the name Jamal.
Like the other suspects, the reports of Jamal and his background conflict wildly making it incredibly difficult to establish many lucid facts about his life but he was born in Jamaica on September 23rd 1985. Depending on which account is read, he was born in either Mandeville or Waterford.
A bit like the two Michaels then.
The article continues:
Jamal apparently barely knew his father Nigel Lindsay, who left his mother, Maryam McLeod Ismaiyl, shortly after he was born. In January 1986
His mother became a probation officer and within a year had given birth to Jamal’s half-sister, Dana. Four years later, Maryam and Barry split and Dana went to live with her father, leaving Jamal and his mother alone, until she met another partner, with whom she had another daughter, Lauren.
Oh right!
I will remind you that Adebowale’s parents: were said to have separated soon after the birth.
Moreover his mother: Juliet Obasuyi, was a probation officer
And just to make a full house: His mother married twice but is now understood to be single. She also started a small fashion business. She raised Adebowale in Woolwich and Greenwich along with his half sister. Source
The J7 article then continues with a quote taken from the Guardian from one of Lindsay’s school friends:
“Theresa Weldrick, who was in the year below at secondary school, said she was stunned to learn of his part in the London atrocities.”He was really nice. He was one of those people you never expected to get into trouble. He was just so good. What possessed his soul?”
A bit like Adebowale then.
You may also want to note that the quote on Lindsay came from a girl who was a year below him at school thus confirming what I said earlier about Gemini Donnelly.
However, like I said, that J7 article also highlights the contradictory reports about Jermaine Lindsay.
For instance, another friend quoted the following which according to J7 appeared in the Huddersfield Examiner on August 8th 2005:
“Juliet, 26, first met Lindsay – known to her as G – five years ago outside a row of shops in Harp Inge, Dalton.
He was just 14 at the time and a student at Rawthorpe High School.
She said: “He used to hang around and when I was going there to score one day he asked me to get my drugs off him.
“I used to get heroin and crack cocaine off him every day for about two years.
The following is from the Daily Record published May 25th 2013:
But when he was about 15, Adebowale began to run with a notorious street gang known as the Woolwich Boys. 
He got his first conviction for selling drugs when he was 16.
He got away with a community order, but then ended up in court twice more for breaking his bail conditions.
He was finally jailed for 15 months in 2009 for possessing heroin with intent to supply.Source
There is a bit of a pattern opening up here isn’t there.
The J7 then moves onto Lindsay’s CONVERSION to Islam and in doing so quotes the Telegraph:
“We were surprised but he didn’t make a big deal about it,” said a former classmate.  He was keen on athletics and we used to go out running together.
And of course, pretty much the same is said of Adebowale:
A schoolfriend, who had known Adebowale for a decade at nearby Kidbrooke School, one of Britain’s first purpose-built comprehensives, told The Independent that he had converted to Islam in the past four years but shown no sign of extremism.
Tony, 23, said: “Mike was a normal kid – football, bit of blow, girlfriends, the normal things. We mucked around together but he got all religious when he was around 18 or 19. He’s not an in-your-face kind of guy so he didn’t really talk about Islam much. I definitely didn’t hear him talk about violence or anything. He was into peaceful stuff.  Source
Have you noticed how both Michaels and Lindsay were CONVERTS then… Okay.
J7 then goes on to talk about a parking ticket that Lindsay bought… Sound familiar?
Curiously, according to The Times, the DNA sample used to identify Jamal’s remains was taken from the pay and display ticket he had apparently put on his car in Luton station car park.
I mean, why the fuck would he have put a parking ticket on his car if he wasn’t ever coming back to get it?
Yet the script writers came up with the exact same bollocks for the Woolwich fraud:
The following inaccurate snippet is courtesy of the Guardian:
The two men bought a parking ticket which expired minutes before the attack near Woolwich barracks in south London on 22 May, the court was told. Source
Now, perhaps I am in a minority but I never buy a parking ticket if I’m not leaving the car no matter where I pull up.
So, are we supposed to believe that our two alleged murderers did?
Don’t forget, as far as Adebolajo and Adebowale were concerned, they were either going to end up in prison or dead so a parking ticket should have been the last thing on their minds.
And lets face it. They were hardly fucking organised at the best of times.
Moreover, why wasn’t the ticket exhibited in an evidence bag as opposed to the jury being shown a photo of it?
Once again, the defence QC’s could have ripped the prosecution case to shreds since any cunt could have purchased the ticket.
Was this the defence counsels first fucking appearances in court?
Had I not have known better I would certainly have thought so.
Okay, we will leave Jermaine Lindsay there but f you do nothing else today, do read J7′s article on him and the other 7/7 bombers. You can do so by clicking HERE
You may also want to read my old articles Who’s Who and A Giant Leap Of faith, which you can do so by clicking on the titles.
Now, whilst it is very difficult to find information on Adebowale, Adebolajo is a different story.
Mind you, I am in no way surprised because I am 99 percent sure that Adebowale is not who we are led to believe he is.
Anyway, check this out.
In 2007 Adebolajo was supposedly sentenced to 51 days in prison for attacking two coppers outside of the Old Bailey in 2006.
Now, Adebolajo was there supposedly as a protester in support of Mizanur Rahman who was due to go on trial for soliciting murder and using threatening words and behaviour.
However, whilst there is an abundance of information on the internet in regard to this demonstration there is no mention whatsoever of Adebolajo being arrested until after Rigbys murder.
After which, you can’t shut the lying cunts up about it:
Michael Adebolajo started joining street protests. In 2006 he was arrested and jailed for 51 days for assaulting two police officers when a demonstration turned violent outside the Old Bailey.

However, things get a lot stranger where Adebolajo is concerned – if indeed that is his name.
You see apart from the fact that the MSM always use a photo-shopped picture when talking about the incident at the Old Bailey, there also appears to be much more to the demo than is being suggested.
So, before we look at another batch of photos, take a look at this mush:
His name is Abu Izzadeen who was born as plain old  Trevor Brooks, on the 18 April 1975.
He is a British spokesman for Al Ghurabaa, a Muslim organization banned under the Terrorism Act 2006 for the glorification of terrorism, that operated in the United Kingdom.
Brooks was convicted on the 17th of  April 2008  and given four and half years in prison (reduced by a year on appeal) for charges of terrorist fund-raising and inciting terrorism overseas.
He was released from prison in May 2009.
Oh, and Izzadeen was also amongst the protesters outside of the Old Bailey in late 2006 and was one of those 4 arrested.
However, like I say I can find no record of Adebolajo being arrested that day.
Moreover, whether or not Adebolajo was trying to attack Izzadeen isn’t known. Mind you, on paper Adebolajo had plenty of reason to attack him.
The following is from the Dark Politricks website:
Michael Adebolajo was brought up in a well off Christian family, of Nigerian origin, living in the UK.
He became a student at the University of Greenwich.
He allegedly converted to Islam, although it is possible that he was instructed by MI5 to pretend to convert to Islam.
He would have had two reasons for disliking Islam:
1. Nigerian Christians are under attack by extremist Muslims.
2. His best friend was killed by Muslims.
Michael Adebolajo became acquainted with the Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary, who reportedly recruits people for MI5/MI6.  Source
Moving on.
Now we all know the story about Adebolajo travelling to Africa in 2010, where he was promptly arrested and subsequently deported – after which MI5 continually tried to recruit him as a spy.
However, according to the MSM the reason he was in Africa was to join Al Shabab.
Moreover – and further proof that the official story is bollocks – the MSM claim that Adebolajo’s trip was financed by Sam Lewthwaite, AKA the White Widow.
Course, whether or not  Lewthwaite was brought in to give added credibility to the Woolwich fiasco, or vice versa isn’t known.
Never the less, to any sane persons way of thinking; bringing Lewthwaite into the mix would only go to highlight how pathetically improbable and totally unbelievable both play acts actually are:
Michael Adebolajo’s trip to East Africa for terror training was financed by Samantha Lewthwaite, the fugitive ‘white widow’.
He was caught three years ago trying to cross from Kenya to Somalia to enlist with Al Qaeda-linked militants.
And Kenyan police say Lewthwaite, widow of 7/7 tube bomber Germaine Lindsay, financed his failed mission.
‘We have good intelligence that Adebolajo’s trip was financed by this white woman, Samantha,’ said a senior source.
‘He came here to meet jihadists and train as a terrorists in Somalia.’
Elijah Rop, the anti-terror chief in Mombasa, said he warned the British authorities to keep Adebolajo in custody.
‘If the British took my advice after I established that this man was a bad man, then he would be in jail now’ he added.
‘We gave very honest advice but the [British] High Commissioner ignored us because they think we cannot advise them on a matter of security.’
After arriving back in the UK, Adebolajo was deemed low risk by MI5 and was not closely monitored.
He was on MI5’s radar before he went to Kenya in October 2010 to spend a month being radicalised by Lewthwaite and her murderous Al Shabaab cohorts. He then set off for the terror cell’s training camps in lawless Somalia.
He and five others were arrested on a boat close to Lamu, a town near the border. They were carrying Al Shabaab pamphlets and immediately identified as a terror threat by Kenyan police.
Adebolajo was about to be charged with terrorism offences before the British authorities asked for his deportation back to the UK. 
A year after meeting him, 29-year-old Lewthwaite was on the run from police who had linked her to a terror cell and bomb plot in Mombasa.
Police say the mother of four from Aylesbury, Bucks, uses her money and middle-class education to fund the cel  Source
However, since that is bollocks, just ignore it.
You see, like I said earlier, if you want the truth you need to find an original report.
And as it happens, I did… Go me:
Six youths among them two secondary school students from Mombasa and a Nigerian with a British passport, were arrested last week in Kizingitini, Lamu, while trying to enter Somalia, allegedly to join al-Shabaab.
The five, Mohammed Adam, Juma Khan, Hassan Mohammed, Swaleh Abdul and Mbwana Mohammed were freed on bond to maintain peace as police investigate the racket.
Chief Magistrate Rosemelle Mutoka will rule on the matter on December 1. The Nigerian, Mr Michael Olemindis Ndemolajo, is said to have travelled from the UK to join the group.
He was, however, deported to the UK after it was established that his travelling documents were genuine and that he lacked a criminal record  Source
Now take note that the above snippet came from an African article as opposed to a British article.
Did you notice the change in Adebolajo’s name?
Moreover, there is a serious discrepancy in his age. The following is from Terror Free Somalia website and was published in November 2010:
Two of the youths arrested on Monday were students of a Mombasa secondary school. They had allegedly been travelling with a Nigerian who had a British passport. He was identified as Michael Olemindis Ndemolajo.
The Immigration department was asked on Tuesday to supply detectives with detailed information regarding the Nigerian who was estimated to be aged between 18-22 years.  
Now, as it happens a second article from the same website also has 29 year old Adebolajo down as the leader of the 6 arrested:
Coast police boss Leo Nyongesa said the six were arrested at the weekend in the far-flung island of Kizingitini alongside a Nigerian with a British passport.The latter is suspected of masterminding the racket  Source
Moreover, Adebolajo appears to have been released at the request of the British Security Services under very unusual circumstances:
According to his Kenyan lawyer, Wycliffe Makasembo, Adebolajo was released at the behest of the British authorities.
Mr Makasembo said: “He just vanished and the next thing he was in the UK. It was a very, very unique case. Its like somebody was in a hurry to remove him from Kenya.”
In April 2012 a close friend of Adebolajo’s told Cageprisoners, a charity which campaigns for those detained on terrorism charges, that at least three members of Adebolajo’s family had been asked to persuade Adebolajo to work for MI5.
Adebolajo and a relative went to the office of the charity and spoke about how he had been detained in Kenya, alleging he had been sexually and physically abused, according to Moazzam Begg, the charity’s Outreach Director.  Source
And just so as there is no doubt that Adabolajo isn’t Michaels real surname, take a gander at this:
Mwaniki said Adebolajo was deported after his arrest in 2010. “Kenya’s government arrested Michael Olemindis Ndemolajo. We handed him to British security agents in Kenya and he seems to have found his way to London and mutated to Michael Adebolajo,” Kenya government spokesman Muthui Kariuki said.
When asked about reports that British embassy officials were involved, a Foreign Office statement said: “We can confirm a British national was arrested in Kenya in 2010. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provided consular assistance as normal for British nationals.”  Source
So, if Adebolajo’s real name is Mr Michael Olemindis Ndemolajo and he had no criminal record in 2010, then the passport photo below must be false and the MSM must have been lying – as I well suspected – about those 51 days in prison.
However, the MSM wouldn’t all make up the same story so they must have all been working to a set press release, meaning that the government were lying.
Neither does Adebolajo’s real name tally with what was ordered by the Judge at a preliminary hearing in September 2013:
The pair told Mr Justice Sweeney that they wanted to be known by their adopted names, Mujahid Abu Hamza and Ismail Ibn Abdullah.
Abbas Lakha, representing Adebowale, said: “The indictment is framed with his birth name. Could he also be known by his Islamic name?”
Adebolajo’s barrister David Gottlieb made a similar request.
The applications were accepted by the court.
However, the judge stressed that they should still be referred to in the first instance by their birth names.  Source
So why wasn’t Adebolajo refered to as Michael Olemindis Ndemolajo in court?
Course, just as with Adebowale & Rigby, it is in fact hard to tell how many people are actually playing Adebolajo.
You only need to look at the following photos which according to the MSM are all Adebolajo to see what I am talking about.
Justine-Rigden-Michael-Adebolajo-girlfriend-photo1 (1)
Now its fair to say that the fella filmed in the police interview with a blanket on his head looked fuck all like the Adebolajo who was on Artillery Place in May of last year.
I mean, you would have thought that the old bill would have insisted that he remove the blanket, and had he done so, then we would have been able to decide more accurately if it was him or not and indeed if his alleged broken arm was in fact in plaster.
One thing is for certain though – his voice/accent didn’t match that of the Adebolajo that we heard last May.
In fact, this accent became such a problem for the authorities that they had the MSM comment on it:
The interview from June 1, played to the court, shows British born Adebolajo has adopted an accent, although from time to time he slips back into his London accent.
 When he crossed the road in front of me so casually it was almost as if I was not in control of myself. I accelerated, I hit him and I think I also crashed into a sign post.’ Source
Moreover, the case for that not being Adebolajo in the video is given further credence by the fact that he says; “and I think I also crashed into a sign post”.
He THINKS he crashed into a sign post!!!
Does he not remember the state of his fucking car then?
Fuck me, he walked around it enough!
Once again, Dog give me fucking strength.
Neither does it end there. You see the anomaly about how the two Michaels knew that Rigby was a soldier cropped up again, with Adebolajo – at least the one with his blanket on his head – stating that Rigby was in army uniform when questioned.
Course, we all know that he wasn’t. I wonder if that is why he didn’t sign his testimony?
Okay, lets re-examine that famous speech of Adebolajo’s which the official version of events still maintains was only filmed by one fella on a mobile phone… It most certainly wasn’t.
Never the less, what follows was touted on ITV, and as such seen by millions.
You see, Dominique Kipre was the fella who supposedly filmed Adebolajo making his speech.
Indeed, he was mentioned in the court case as being the lone cameraman, who supposedly filmed the speech on his phone.
What a load of old bollox that is.
Now as you know,  well you will if you have read the Drummer Man, the hoax production was filmed by at least two people using camcorders of some sort and a high definition camera.
And since I proved that it was filmed on at least two different cameras you would have thought that the defence counsel would have done the same in court thus discrediting the prosecutions case.
However, what makes the following ITV article interesting is the fact that Dominique says that:
The ladies that were here, they started running to him and screaming ‘stop it, stop, stop, stop, he’s already dead, he’s already dead, he’s already dead, stop’. For me they risked their lives for this soldier.
Now, since he was on the same bus as Ingrid Kennett who says that when she got off the bus Amanda Donnelly was already on the ground, you have to ask yourself how the fuck could he have seen Amanda and Gemini screaming at Adebolajo “stop it, stop, stop, stop”?
Moreover, he swears blind that Rigby was still alive at that point
Course, Ingrid did say that Rigby was bleeding when she reached him, which would indicate that he was still alive.
Then again, on the flip side Amanda Donnelly – who was cuddling Rigby – says that there was no blood anywhere.
I say that its all a load of old fanny designed to muddy the waters in years to come so as the cunts can make up whatever myth they like.
Never the less, here is the ITV article in full:
Michael Adebolajo rants at the camera in the moments before police arrice
Michael Adebolajo rants at the camera in the moments before police arrive. Photo: ITV News
A student who filmed the shocking images of one of Fusilier Lee Rigby’s killers ranting at his camera just minutes after the brutal attack told ITV News he was not scared for his life despite the “crazy” situation.
Dominique Kipre initally thought he was witnessing a gang fight when his bus stopped at the murder
He said: “It was crazy. For me it was crazy because in Europe we can’t see this kind of thing. Maybe someone washed his brain to do these kind of things.”
When Michael Adebolajo spotted Mr Kipre filming the scene with his camera phone he crossed the street and approached him, carrying a meat cleaver and knife in his bloodied hands.
Two women  try to reason with one of Lee Rigby's murderers in the immediate aftermath of the attack
Two women try to reason with one of Lee Rigby’s murderers in the immediate aftermath of the attackCredit: ITV News
But Mr Kipre said he did not feel threatened because Adebolajo had not harmed a group of women who had tried to help Fusilier Rigby.
The ladies that were here, they started running to him and screaming ‘stop it, stop, stop, stop, he’s already dead, he’s already dead, he’s already dead, stop’. For me they risked their lives for this soldier.
No [I wasn't threatened] because in my mind the ladies were there. If he wanted to do something he would start, first of all, with the ladies before me.
Dominique Kipre
Dominique Kipre Credit: ITV News
As Adebolajo stood just feet from him, Mr Kipre captured the killer’s defence for why he had callously murdered a British soldier just moments before.
In the video Adebolajo says:
I apologise that women had to witness this today but in our land, our women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your government, they don’t care about you.
Mr Kipre, who grew up in Woolwich, said he is now reminded of Fusilier Rigby and the events of May 22 every time he passes near to the scene.
He could be Royal Barnes looking at his fucking photos couldn’t he?
Now,as well as proving that the footage of the speech was filmed on two cameras, I also proved that the bus had reversed by the time Adebolajo had finished his speech.
Therefore, I see no need to dwell further on either fact, although if the bus reversed during Adebolajo’s speech you would have heard it wouldn’t you?
Wouldn’t you?
Well no, not necessarily as it goes, because like I say it was filmed professionally and I am pretty sure that naughty Michael was wired for sound.
Therefore, there would have been no problem editing out the noise of the bus.
And the fact that Micky Boy was wired explains why he can be heard so clearly… But there is also a lot more going on than anyone other than me appears to have noticed.
*The following photo batch was put together before I knew the identity of those involved. You can find out who is who by clicking HERE

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Course, there is much more to be told about the 2 Michaels, but I will leave it there for now.
However, how much more proof does anyone need before they cotton on that they have been taken for a fucking ride?