Sharks were once very popular with the Monkey-Boyz, but they are now so old hat down at the Chimp’s headquarters in Never-Fucking-Neverland that they barely get a mention.

Indeed, if you wanna be King Louie then you gotta talk Elephants – and fuck me, it seems that  the Shit-Plops ALL really, really wanna be King Louie.
Now as far as I can see, this Elephant bollox started in earnest Mid- December, just gone.
Mind you, the main topic – although not exclusive – deals with Ivory Poaching and as such the publicity ought to be welcomed. Except you lot are not stupid enough to think that the elite cunts who determine what we can read and what we can’t, give two fucks about Ivory Poachers.
Unfortunately I haven’t time to go into this topic too deeply so I am going to discard the Elephant stories used as packing for their agenda – of which there are plenty.
You can of course look for yourselves by simply typing in the word “Elephant” in the Chimps search bar.
Okay, the current poaching malarky started on January 19th with a Chimp/AFP article announcing that an American big-knob type person was off to Africa to sort these poached-eggs out once and for all:
US Interior Secretary Sally Jewell heads to Africa on Wednesday to denounce the trafficking of wild animals, on the rise over the past five yearsSource
That article was followed by TWO articles about a Thai trainer threatening to punch a baby Elephant which in turn were followed by an AP/Chimp article published on the 20th of January about a load of poached-eggs being thwarted by the African authorities:
HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Zimbabwe’s wildlife authorities say rangers recovered 22 elephant tusks after a shootout with nearly a dozen suspected poachersSource
That article was followed by TWO articles about a Thai trainer sacked for abusing Elephants which in turn were followed by an Reuters/Chimp article published on the 21st of January – Deja Vu – about how the number of Poached-Eggs had fallen in recent times:
The number of rhinos poached for their horns in South Africa fell in 2015, the first decline since 2007  Source
That was followed by an article about Sri Lankan Elephants, which was followed in turn by a AFP/Chimp article on the 26th of January telling us how the Sri Lankan government“destroyed its biggest ever illegal ivory haul” –  although you would have thought that the government would have had enough money without resorting to Ivory poaching, wouldn’t you:
Sri Lanka’s government on Tuesday destroyed its biggest ever illegal ivory haul in the first public crushing of poached tusks in South Asia, intended to send… Source
At this point it seems that the AFP, the AP and Reuters were confident that the Monkey-Boyz could now go it alone and they did not disappoint, releasing an article and a separate video – both on the 26th of January – on the subject:
A two-year-old calf was caught in a poacher’s snare in Kenya’s Olare Motorogi Conservancy and has to be sedated by vets who try to treat it. But mother elephant is protective and tries to revive the baby.  Source
Dramatic footage shows a distressed elephant trying to protect her unconscious baby in a heartbreaking display of motherly love Source
Playing on the Mother & Child bond angle works everytime for these cunts, no matter what species they are reporting on.
And the very same day the AP and the Chimp managed to get another article out taking the day’s total to four:
Kenya said Tuesday it will torch its vast stockpile of ivory at a star-studded summit to include Hollywood celebrities, presidents and business leaders again…  Source
Now, up to the 26th of January the Monkey-Kuntz had portrayed the scenario as: Africa acknowledging that they had a problem with poaching but were attempting to right things with the help of an American knob.
However, by the 27th of January it was way past time to vilify someone – enter the Japanese:
TOKYO (AP) — Yahoo Japan said Wednesday it is strengthening policing of illegal ivory on its online commerce site as criticism grows it is supporting a trade… Source
The 28th saw an article about Mali’s desert Elephants becoming extinct within the next 3 years… Who the fuck is Mali?
And the Chimps pulled all the stops out on the 29th with a classically headlined article:
Nevertheless, on the same day the Chimp informed us that Ringling Brothers had suffered the loss of their youngest Elephant.
And for good measure, the Chimp also threw a knee trembler in on the same day dealing with the African problem of poached Rhino horns.
On the 30th, a hoax was generated by the frauds, designed to cause public outrage:
A British helicopter pilot has been shot dead by elephant poachers in Tanzania, a conservation charity has said. Englishman Roger Gower was helping authorities in Tanzania track the criminals when they fired on his aircraft, the Friedkin Conservation Fund (FCF) said.
He managed to bring the helicopter down in the the Maswa Game Reserve, near Serengeti National Park in the country’s north, but died from his wounds before he could be rescued.
Pictures posted online show the badly damaged remains of the helicopter, including a bloodied bullet hole in the pilot’s seat of the aircraft, which lay on its side in the savannah grass.
In a message posted on its website, FCF founder Dan Friedkin said the organisation was “profoundly saddened by the loss of our dear friend”.
He said: “Roger was killed while piloting a helicopter during a co-ordinated effort with the Tanzanian wildlife authorities to track down and arrest active elephant poachers. In the course of this action the poachers fired upon the helicopter and Roger was fatally wounded.
“We are committed to honouring Roger and his work. We are also committed to ensuring that those responsible for this attack are found and brought to justice. We believe that Roger can best be honoured by redoubling our commitment to protect elephants and our priceless wildlife heritage.
“This tragic event again highlights the appalling risk and cost of protecting Tanzania¹s wildlife.”
Mr Gower is reported to be a former accountant who qualified as a pilot in 2004.
Pratik Patel, a colleague from the Friedkin Conservation Fund, told the BBC Mr Gower was shot on Friday afternoon during a patrol as he approached the last carcass of three elephants that had been killed by poachers.
He paid tribute to “a great guy, a great friend, a great pilot” who he said loved working with Tanzania’s wildlife.
He said: “Roger was an amazing person, an amazing character, full of joy, full of life. He loved Africa, he loved Tanzania and he loved being in the bush.”
The pilot’s main role was flying people between the different camps on the reserve, Mr Patel said, but he also spent some time every day flying patrols to support ground staff in their work against poachers.
Tanzanian MP Lazaro Nyalandu, a former minister for natural resources and tourism,paid tribute to the Briton’s work.
He said on Twitter: “RIP Capt Roger. You loved our country and I knew you on many flights we took together in defence of our wildlife heritage. Life is precious,” he went on.
“Those poachers who killed Capt Roger are coward(sic), evil, and sad people. A fine hearted individual gone too soon, and our hearts are broken.
“Capt Roger’s body was flown into Arusha early today, as those who killed him are still at large.Everything must (be) done to bring them to justice.”
A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We can confirm the death of a British national in Tanzania and are providing assistance to the family at this difficult time.”  Source
I bet that fucking old fanny changes in detail.
Yep!, without a hint of fucking shame, later that day the Monkey-Kuntz not only changed all of the bullshit details, they even managed to make Roger Gower a fucking hero:

Authorities arrest 3 suspects over killing of heroic British helicopter pilot trying to save elephants in Tanzania

Tanzanian authorities have arrested three suspects over the killing of a British helicopter pilot, who was shot down by AK-47 fire as he tried to stop poachers escaping with ivory they had taken from dead elephants.
Roger Gower was taking part in a helicopter operation to catch the gang in a game reserve next to Serengeti National park. 
The poachers had already killed two elephants when Mr Gower, 37, saw a third elephant which had only just been slaughtered, said colleagues at the conservation group he was working for.
‘They did see the two carcasses. While he was looking for the poachers, he heard gunshots and moved to the area and a saw a fresh carcass, the third elephant that had just gone down within 24 hours,’  Pratik Patel, a close friend working on the same anti-poaching operation, told BBC Radio 5. 
‘I guess the poachers heard the helicopters searching and tried to make away with the ivory and hide.
‘When Roger came across the carcasses, he hovered over them and moved forward to search the area. What he saw was evidence of ivory and turned the helicopter to come back to the spot.’
‘At that point, one of the poachers sneaked out of the bushes and shot Roger, forcing the helicopter to hit the ground really hard.’
A second man who was in the helicopter with Mr Gower managed to bring it down, but at that point the man was really badly shot. 
You couldn’t make that shit up.
‘The bullet that hit Roger cut through the floor of the helicopter, through his leg, part of his body and shoulder and hit his face, before going through the roof of the helicopter,’ Patel said.
Patel has been watching too many movies.

‘It was from a heavy calibre gun – probably the same gun that they used to kill the elephant.’ 

I do however have a problem with these photos.
The photo blurb states:
WAR – Wildlife At Risk International shared Pascal Shelutete’s post. – 1 hr ¿ Wreckage of Capt Roger’s crashed helicopter. He was shot down and killed by a poacher with an AK 47 Roger Gower helicopter wreckage ***INTERNET IMAGE TAKEN FROM FACEBOOK SITE***
Capt Roger? Shouldn’t that be Captain Gower? And why do ‘baddies’ always have AK 47’s?
I also notice that there is no mention of the other fella.
And then there are these photos and screenshots:
Carry on ya shameless Monkey-Kuntz:
Tanzanian minister Jumanne Maghembe announced the arrests and pledged that any other suspects will be caught in security operations after the attack in Maswa wildlife reserve.
Lazaro Nyalandu, a former minister of tourism and natural resources, wrote on Twitter that Gower was killed by AK-47 assault rifle fire.
‘You loved our country and I knew you on many flights we took together,’ Nyalandu wrote.
Last night, shocking pictures of the helicopter were posted on Facebook. They showed several bullet holes, including one through Mr Gower’s bloodstained seat.
Dan Friedkin, chairman of the Friedkin Conservation Fund, who Mr Gower was working with, released a statement last night saying: ‘On Friday, we lost our colleague Roger Gower who was killed in the fight against elephant poaching in Tanzania. 
‘We are profoundly saddened by the loss of our dear friend. This tragic event again highlights the appalling risk and cost of protecting Tanzania’s wildlife.’
Mr Gower trained as an accountant in London and became a helicopter pilot in 2004. Before working in Tanzania, he flew from neighbouring Kenya, working for safaris and excursions.
The Foreign Office said: ‘We are providing assistance to the family at this difficult time”. Source
And on the same day there was an article about an Elephant dying??? Followed the next day by some brilliant news – The plod had arrested 3 poached-eggs for shooting Roger Gower Roger and his mystery passenger… Hang on, wasn’t that the news the day before???
Tanzanian police have arrested three men after a British pilot was killed when gunmen opened fire on his helicopter as he tracked suspected elephant poachers, a minister said Sunday.
Roger Gower, 37, was killed on Friday when his helicopter crashed after it was attacked during a patrol of the Maswa Game Reserve in northern Tanzania, close to the world famous Serengeti National Park.
“The suspects are in the hands of police,” Natural Resources and Tourism Minister Jumanne Maghembe told AFP.
“They are cooperating, and soon more people making up the poaching gang will be netted and brought to justice.”
Gower’s South African colleague, safari guide Nicky Bester, leapt out of the helicopter midair as it crashed and was injured, according to a spokesman from Tanzania’s National Parks, Pascal Shelutete.
HA, HA, HA, HA, I hope he remembered to roll – you useless, lying smeg-heads… I will quote your article from the day before:
A second man who was in the helicopter with Mr Gower managed to bring it down, but at that point the man was really badly shot. 
But please do carry on:
“Three elephant carcasses that were found indicated that whoever shot the chopper down was on a serious illegal hunting spree,” Shelutete said, adding such poachers can be “heavily armed with sophisticated military weaponry”.
AK47’s… Carry on:
Photographs of the crashed helicopter show twisted metal, as well as apparent bullet holes in the fuselage, and smears of blood on the pilot’s seat.
It was not immediately clear if Gower was killed by the gunshots or when the helicopter crashed.
So once again I will quote:
‘The bullet that hit Roger cut through the floor of the helicopter, through his leg, part of his body and shoulder and hit his face, before going through the roof of the helicopter,’ Patel said.
‘It was from a heavy calibre gun – probably the same gun that they used to kill the elephant.’
Yeah but like I said, Patel watches too many movies.
The fella whose Facebook the photos came from had a rather different story:
Capt Roger, a British national, was shot mid air by poachers AK47, managed to land his chopper but sadly died before his rescue last night.
No mention of the other matey who jumped out and landed the chopper at the same time then!
Carry on ya naughty monkeys:
“The suspected poachers shot the helicopter which was on surveillance at a remote game reserve,” Maghembe added. “This is a sad incident. We will continue with the war against poachers… these are cruel criminals.”
The wildlife charity Gower worked for confirmed his death.
“Roger was killed while piloting a helicopter during a coordinated effort with the Tanzanian wildlife authorities to track down and arrest active elephant poachers,” said a statement from Dan Friedkin, chairman of the Friedkin Conservation Fund.
“In the course of this action, the poachers fired upon the helicopter and Roger was fatally wounded.”
Conservation officials appealed for help in catching the culprits.
“These people killing elephants in our conservation areas live in the neighbourhood, and those with information should come forward,” Shelutete added.
“We all need to work together to end the killings of elephants and people fighting poaching.” Source
And on the same day as that was released, another new article appeared about the Elephant who had died the day before… As did two more articles in regard to the arrests of the trio of murdering egg-poachers. HERE & HERE
Staying with the 31st of January an article followed the four we’d already had that day, this one chatting about an Elephant doing what Elephants do.
That was followed by a Chimp/Reuters article – making up a nice half dozen for the day’s tally.HERE
Whoops, spoke wrote to soon – my bad. It seems that there was a seventh article that day, this one being another new one about the Elephant that died… Is someone at the Chimp related to that Elephant or something?
Fuck me, make that 8 articles for the 31st:

British pilot murdered by poachers died a hero as he tried to save his passenger’s life: Three arrested as it emerges Tanzania’s black market in ivory is being fuelled by Islamist terrorists

Fuck me, I bet this will be good… In fact I bet that they make out the Egg Poachers are really Terrapins:
A British helicopter pilot who was shot out of the sky as he tried to stop elephant poachers in Tanzania died while trying to save his passenger’s life, MailOnline can reveal.
He wasn’t trying to save his own them… What a fucking hero… Geron wi’it:
Roger Gower, 37, was fatally wounded by an AK-47 while taking part in a helicopter operation to catch the gang in a game reserve next to Serengeti National park.
Poachers are known to be supported by Islamist extremist groups, who use cash from ivory and trophies to fund their terror war on the African continent.
A friend told how Mr Gower calmly held the controls as his helicopter plummeted towards the ground in an attempt to save the life of his South African colleague, Nick Bester. 
You will have to scroll up I can’t be arsed to repeat myself.
Despite his injuries, Mr Gower managed to manoeuvre the aircraft into a tree allowing his spotter Mr Brewster time to jump out before it crashed to the ground. 
I thought his name was Chester Bester, not Brewster Rooster… Come on Shit-Flingers, get your amateur act together you’re making me look like a “real Journalist” here:
Mr Bester, who worked with Mr Gower at the Friedkin Conservation Fund, was injured in the crash but survived. 
He wasn’t shot then… Why didn’t the Egg-Poachers/Terrapins finish him off then? And steal his wallet and shoes?
I mean, they had plenty of time to do so… Or did they think; “knock down ginger, RUN”?
The organisation’s director Pratik Patel, a close friend of Mr Gower, said it was typical of the Briton to attempt a landing after being hit.
He said: ‘It took a lot of spirit, a certain kind of individual to try to put the helicopter down safely even after being shot.’ 
The bullet pierced the floor of the helicopter and struck Mr Gower’s leg, shoulder and eye before exiting through the roof of the helicopter.
HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, in his fucking eye… You cunts slay me you really fucking do. HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, in his eye indeed… Cunts… Carry on:
Tanzanian authorities today announced they have arrested three suspects over the killing.
We know, fuck me it isn’t as if you were shy telling us, is it:
The poachers had already killed two elephants when Mr Gower saw a third moments after it had been shot, his colleagues said.
Mr Patel, who was working on the same anti-poaching operation, said: ‘He was called out after anti-poaching units heard gunshots and rangers on the ground found two dead elephants. 
‘Roger Gower was surveying the perimeter of the game reserve from the air, looking for evidence of poachers to give to police and rangers.
‘He saw a third dead elephant which had only very recently been killed and flew back to investigate, which was when a man appeared and shot straight at the helicopter.’ Read More
Fuck me Hero Gower is now James Herriot.
The first of February started out with a Roger Gower video and quickly moved on to an article about a mush who had been trampled to death by an Elephant- as witnessed by his 16 year old step-daughter… Total, total old bollox in other words:
The teenager who witnessed her step-father being gored to death by a rampaging elephant on the Thai island of Koh Samui has denied claims that he was taunting the animal with a banana. 
Gareth Crowe, 36, was trekking on the elephant with 16-year-old Eilidh Hughes when the animal threw the pair off its back, trampled over Mr Crowe and stabbed him with its tusks.
Witnesses said the drama unfolded after the elephant’s handler – who was also injured – climbed down to take photos of the tourists and that Mr Crowe had been teasing the animal prior to the attack.
But Eilidh has now spoken out from her hospital bed, insisting her step-father did nothing to antagonise the elephant. Read more
The fact that they make more fuss of trying to tie him in with his selfie loving step-daughter, despite the childish faces that HE pulls in their photos, tells me all I need to know.
Also on the 1st the Chimp told us that Gower MAY HAVE BEEN TARGETED BY THE POACHERS – how anyone can take this childs adventure story comic book seriously is beyond me.
Mind you, never let it be said that the long armed, hairy wankers let a chance to promote terrorism pass them by:
Conservationists like slain British helicopter pilot Roger Gower are locked in a deadly ‘war’ with poachers who sell illegal ivory to fund terrorism, wildlife campaigners warned yesterday.
The lucrative trade in elephant tusks supplies money which is used to fund Islamic extremist groups such as the Al Qaeda affiliate Al Shabaab, and to provide the poachers with increasingly high-powered weapons.
Mr Gower, 37, knew the risks and had previously come under fire while working with conservationists in Tanzania, where he died after poachers shot down his helicopter, friends said.
Three men have been arrested but the gunman who fired the fatal rifle round and up to five accomplices are still believed to be on the run.
Tributes poured in for Mr Gower, known as Captain Roger, who was hailed as an ‘African hero’, and Tanzanian president John Magufuli vowed to fight poaching.
Mr Gower, originally from Edgbaston, Birmingham, spotted three dead elephants after reports of illegal poaching around the Maswa Game Reserve, near Serengeti National Park.
His helicopter came under fire as he and his South African workmate, Nick Bester, circled a suspected ivory cache hidden in a rocky outcrop.
Their friend and colleague at the Friedkin Conservation Fund, Pratik Patel (corr), said a gunman had shot a large calibre .458 bullet from a hunting rifle at the helicopter.
Fuck me you would think Patel would make his fucking mind up wouldn’t you? I mean, there he’s been banging on and on about AK 47’s and now he’s changed his mind in favour of large barrelled hunting rifles:
The powerful round ripped through the underside of the helicopter and struck Mr Gower in the leg and the shoulder.
HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, what about his eye?
Despite his injuries, he kept control of the stricken helicopter for long enough to avoid a full-speed crash landing.
His actions are believed to have saved the life of Mr Bester, who was treated for minor injuries and shock but was said to be recovering, but Mr Gower died before he could be rescued.
I wished they would make up their fucking minds, I thought he was dead at one point and now it turns out that there is fuck all wrong with him! SO WHY DIDN’T THE TARGETING TERRAPINS TARGET HIM TOO:
Conservationists said that such extreme violence was an increasingly common feature of poachers, who were often allied to terrorist groups and used the illegal ivory sales to fund their operations.
Poaching and taking over countries unopposed are both very lucrative Terrapin occupations don’t cha know?
A previous investigation tracked fake tusks to prove that ivory trafficking was used to fund the activities of terror groups in Africa, including the notorious Lord’s Resistance Army in the Central African Republic.
Mr Patel said an international ban on any trade of ivory would be a fitting legacy for Mr Gower and other rangers previously killed by poachers.
The former Bristol University student quit an earlier job as an accountant and qualified as a pilot in 2004 before moving to East Africa around six years ago, when he found work flying tourists in Kenya and Tanzania.
Bristol University… Roger Roger:
His friend Mr Patel said: ‘He loved this region and was passionate about working here. He always said, ‘This is where my heart lies, this is what I want to do’.
Does Patel have a first name or is his first name Mr? Just asking… Carry on:
‘He didn’t want a nine-to-five job and he became increasingly passionate about conservation, because of what he could see when he was flying.
‘Roger was devastated when he saw evidence of poaching and he wanted to make a difference. But he knew the risks and he knew what to expect.
‘He had previously come under fire from poachers. It is a war between us and the poachers and Roger is not the only one to have given up his life.’
It makes you kinda wonder why Mr didn’t come out with this old flannel at the start, go on give us some more:
More than 50 rangers were killed trying to protect animals from poaching last year alone, according to the World Animal Protection group.
You go bollox were they… Carry on ya lying dip-sticks:
Mr Gower’s parents David and Madelyn, both 70, are understood to have travelled to Tanzania, and to have spoken to his girlfriend in Brazil.
And why has this birds only just raised her head… He came to Africa from England yet he has a bird who loves him to death but lives in Brazil!
Fair enough, I suppose, cept I thought he was gay:
His brother Max, 42, said he had only begun flying anti-poaching missions recently but was ‘excited about the job’ and was flying such missions every other day.
But he said the experienced helicopter pilot was ‘taken by surprise’ by the gunman and would not have intentionally flown near an armed poacher.
Max Gower told the Guardian: ‘He had a girlfriend in Brazil, who I know he loved very much and she loved him. My parents spoke to her and she said she was expecting to spend the rest of her life with him.’
Prince William, who has campaigned against the ivory trade, was said to be ‘very saddened to hear of yet more lives lost due to poaching’, although he did not know the pilot personally.
The Gower family has set up a Just Giving fundraising site in the pilot’s memory, which has already launched more than £19,000 to help the fight against poaching. Source
For more information visit the site at
And nearly 45,000 Grand has been donated to his brother and his dad so far… On a story that is total bollox!
I mean if Roger was a cricketer, an accountant and a pilot flying dangerous missions, what is the money for?
Myself on the other hand risks my life every day and worse still, that of my family’s yet I find my Paypal account is down to £700, with £300 coming out in 3 days time to pay for the site.
I will remind you that this site is my ONLY source of income so £400 is not going to last me long. Therefore, come this time next month there will not be enough to pay the site fees… And given the huge numbers who come here day in, day out I am fucked if I know why that is to be honest.
After all 50p to £1 a month from everyone would keep this site going no problem… Yet I have £700 quid to my name… And that pisses me off with the risks I take, the shit I have to put up with and the time & effort I put in.
However, within the next 3 days (hopefully 2), I am going to release an article that is without doubt the most important that I have ever written… Well I say “article“, but it is book length.
And in this book length article I will prove to you all (as long as you have a functioning brain), beyond doubt that the official version surrounding Diana: Princess of Wales in a car crash is absolute bollocks.
I will also prove to you beyond doubt that she wasn’t murdered. And I will prove to you beyond doubt that those at the very top of our fucked up society knowingly took part in the biggest, longest running hoax ever… And I will prove it to YOU ALL for free.
Now that is some claim & guarantee isn’t it, and boy am I going to get some problems over what I am going to prove to you.
So don’t dig deep now, wait until you have read the Diana article.
However, if in 5 or 6 days time there is not enough to pay next month’s site fees and allow me to live, I will only be able to conclude that I am wasting my time and efforts.
I cannot run this site on fresh air and fresh air does not keep me fed.
Obviously, anyone on low income, on benefits or on a pension, please, please do not donate. I am not the Monkey-Boyz and as such I know that you are not having it off at the tax-payers expense.
In fact I do know the daily struggle you all face and I do not want to add to that.
Anyone else who regularly makes use of this site but cannot spare 10-20p a week is taking the piss… Nuff said.
Right, now that is out of the way and we are all friends again I shall carry on with the Elephant agenda. And on the 1st of February there were two more Chimp articles published about yet another Elephant dying.
The 2nd of February began with the release of two articles about that old fanny to do with the trampling Elephant and the bloke with the 16 year old step daughter:
A British tourist has been trampled to death by an elephant on the Thai tourist island of Koh Samui, police said Tuesday, the latest deadly attack by animals used to entertain holidaymakers.
The man, identified by police as Gareth Crowe, 36, was riding on the animal’s back with his daughter on Monday afternoon when it suddenly threw them off, police said.
“We suspect that the hot weather made the elephant angry and that he was not accustomed to his mahout,” Paiboon Omark, Samui district chief, told AFP. Continue reading
Surprisingly it turns out that the fella only had the one leg and couldn’t hop it quick enough… Which is surprising to read in a Chimp article since uni-leg people are usually earth’s equivalent to super heroes.
The other two are along the same vain except one has the fella down as being gored to death rather than trampled to death… There is a difference although personally, I was just bored to death… Nevertheless you can find those other two Here & Here
Those 3 articles were quickly followed up by a video of a Thai Elephant being abused by its trainer with a heavy inference alluding to the magnificent animal being the one who picks on the handicapped.
The video was quickly followed up by a Chimp article reporting on the abusive Elephant trainer, with a heavy inference alluding to the magnificent animal being the one who picks on the handicapped. SOURCE
The day’s tally of 5 was then added to with an article reporting on 18 Elephants being sent to America to compensate for the 2 that had just died.
And that was quickly followed up by an article telling us about an Advocacy Group demanding the US government holds an investigation into one of the Elephants deaths.

There then followed another video which doesn’t show Hopalong Crowe being trampled, gored or bored to death – despite that being the inference.
The 3rd of February began with an article by a Chimp Chump Chatting about Elephant rides – which surprisingly was the only Elephant article that day… Maybe the cunts do feel a sense of shame sometimes after all.
The 4th then started with a Chimp article carrying the following headline:

Move sought for Japan’s oldest elephant may be too late

Although fuck knows what it was about since I didn’t read it because Japan was involved… And as we know from reading the Chimp shit: The Japanese are the new terrapins.
That article was followed by one about those 18 compensation Elephants being sent to the 3 worst zoos in America.
And finally, the day ended with an article about the 16 year old step-daughter telling the world how she had lost the most important fella in her life:
A schoolgirl who watched her stepfather gored to death by an elephant on a dream holiday has paid a highly emotional tribute to him, saying she has lost the most important man in her life.
Eilidh Hughes, 16, and Gareth Crowe, 36, had been been trekking on an elephant with a local guide on the tropical island of Koh Samui, Thailand, when the animal turned violent.
Eilidh from Paisley, Renfrewshire, told almost 2,000 Instagram followers: ‘I lost the most important man in my life. Source
It all sounds a bit pervy to me – and overall the whole lot stinks of the NWO agenda.
Which reminds me; the Chimp also ran an article yesterday in line with the governments Acid-In-The-Face agenda:
A terrified driver who had acid hurled in his face during a road rage incident fears he may lose his eye.
Sam Boateng was told ‘this is what you get for driving like a d***head’ before the stranger squeezed acid into his face.
The horrifying incident, which took place on Wednesday evening, has left Mr Boateng unable to open his eye, with doctors saying the corrosive liquid has damaged 85 per cent of the cornea.
Mr Boateng was driving home with a friend from a Tesco Superstore in East London to his home in Rainham, Essex, when the silver van driver came up close behind his car and began flashing his lights.
Confused, Mr Boateng pulled into a side street near Rainham Premier Inn, on the A1306. 
‘He was complaining that my brake lights weren’t working and that he nearly drove into me,’ Mr Boateng said.Continue Reading
And you will never ever guess what? It only turns out that the victim is me old mate Mick.
Funnily enough I thought that Mick was in prison, but there ya go.
Cue the trolls and the half-baked-know-it-alls writing in to tell my overworked moderators that “he looks fuck all like Mick” and asking them to pass on a message to me, usually consisting of something along the lines of “tell Spiv he is a huge vagina” – or words to that effect.
Yet I know Mick when I see him and he is Mick. I will even show you how the fraud cunts tried to hide the fact that it is Mick taking part in that hoax, made-up, bullshit article:
And for the very same reason, the following two comparisons didn’t make the 100% mark.
Fucking amateurs.
Right, i’m off to do some more on Diana, so that is your lot from me now until Diana: Princess of Wales is released.
Think on what I told you now, see yaaaaaa, a said byyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.