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Spivey responds to criticism.

JANUARY 11, 2016 @ 5:53 PM
Spiv, are you on strong pain meds for yr hand? Yr writings starting to sound as unhinged as mine, lol!!!! I know you’ve not been well and have been busy getting articles ready but I’m getting well bored with reading how fab the satanist/crowley fan bowie is from everyone. I am not the only one thinking about how he helped the ‘gender bending’ way before Jaden Smith or even boy george. So hurry up and heal so i can read some proper sense. p.s. this ‘thing’ with linda b’s husband is really dodgy and some dark shit behind it, when yr dead yr dead.
  • Zodian
    JANUARY 11, 2016 @ 7:17 PM
    Hi Rachel.
    Sorry to have to agree with you here. Chris must be really going through it at the moment as he has not offered anything of any substance for some time. I’m not trolling him and I do realize that information/sources have to be verified, but it’s not been the same for a while now. Hope he hasn’t been ‘take-out’ or has been ‘nobbled’.
    Chris, hope you are well and that Stacey and Clay are safe. I don’t think I’m on my own when your wider audience is worried about you. Sincerely hope all is ok and that your hand is getting better. Kindest regards,
    • Anna Prentice
      JANUARY 12, 2016 @ 7:44 AM
      That is fair comment and I am more than aware that my output appears to be nowhere near my input.
      However, I can promise you that I am working harder than ever but bear in mind that I have on-going time consuming battles going on with court cases and the HCPC who are desperate to close the case against the social workers and I am determined not to let that happen with the help of my friend Christopher Ricketts.
      The HCPC continually move the goal posts and to give you an idea of the task they have trying to save these two harridans (the case against the other two lesser players has been dropped and I didn’t see any point in pursuing the decision as it leaves me free to concentrate on the main culprits) although it speaks volumes of the HCPC’s real purpose that they are trying to protect criminals, the case has been exempted from Freedom Of Information Requests… I kid you not.
      The court cases are a nightmare because not only am I fighting the governments top legal minds, intent on stitching me up but I am fighting to make my solicitors do what I tell them to do as they have without doubt been got at. That isn’t a problem as my very good friend Zen is running the show so all I need from my solicitors is to carry out what I tell them to.
      To give you an idea of what i’m up against there, we have caught the prosecution making up their own subsection of the law which they needed to do to have justification for the conviction to stand.
      So one of the top barristers in the country who is also a high court judge has committed a serious criminal offence in their desperation to make sure a conviction on a misdemeanour stands. And again in order to keep a lid on the huge abuse of the law taking place, a high court judge has ordered a complete ban on press reporting.
      On top of that, I am trying to keep the police from getting away with their criminal actions perpetrated against me and my family.
      Obviously I didn’t work Christmas day and two days later I was in far to much agony to do so because I developed Septicemia. There is far far more to it than just that but even if the MIT didn’t trigger it they have made themselves very very busy which resulted in me being unable to get the emergency treatment I needed by nearly 48 hours presumably in the hope that in that time the infection would have advanced to the extent that I would be having limbs lopped off or better still death. As it is I may still have to have my finger amputated. Again my legal man Zen is looking at making a claim for medical negligence.
      That led to two suspect operations and kept me from doing any work at all for a further 9 days and then when I did resume I could only type with my left hand which is a nightmare at best of times for a right handed mush like myself made worse by the fact that my left hand has a maximum 70% function due to a trapped nerve in my left elbow.
      I can now once again type with my right hand using just one finger and I estimate that I have about 20 % function in it. To give you some idea what that means, I cant even hold a pen to write and just going for a piss is a major operation. If I so much as catch my finger or forget myself and go to grab something or even pick a cup i am doubled up in pain for the next 10 to 15 minutes. I am not even due to have the stitches out of my finger and palm until next week and having a handle crank is out of the question. I am also having to take time off to go to Chelmsford hospital for check ups and physiotherapy.
      Indeed, I am finding it all very frustrating and I cannot even pick Clay up.
      Despite all of this I have nearly completed an article on Paris which is far to big for one article and is going to need splitting in two. I am very pleased with it and delves deeper by far than any other article that I have seen. I take the whole hoax to pieces with information – as far as I am aware – never published before. I also have an article nearly complete on the russian plane false fanny.
      However, those were put on hold because of information that I accidentally came by leading to the flood gates opening on new information which I am busy writing up in two articles consisting of around 35,000 words in total so far which have the potential to topple the establishment if enough people read it. The information is indisputable and uncovers the truth behind one of the biggest events in history… Which could be the reason I spent new years eve and my birthday laying in a hospital bed in agony which had I been diagnosed correctly by 4 doctors on a problem that the symptoms make it a piece of piss to do so, I would not have been in such a bad way and certainly have recovered quicker.Yet instead one came up with arthritis, one didn’t even bother and just passed me onto another doctor instead who diagnosed crushed blood vessels, which was backed up by his senior consultant meaning that I was sent home twice in agony to let the life threatening infection spread.
      Whilst I was doing all that, I managed to get a few John Hamer exclusive articles on and a couple of others to boot including todays… I’ll bet you are sorry you asked now,
      But have a new years kiss anyway X
      Chris still fucking standing ya wankers Spivey.
      • Zodian
        JANUARY 12, 2016 @ 8:52 AM
        Hi Chris. Many thanks for the explanation. I understand that those members of your site whom are close to you are probably all too aware of your plight however, your wider audience, which is considerable, waits like a junkie for their next hit, if I can explain it in those terms.
        I had no idea as to what you have been up against re: the legal side of things, and apologize profusely for my impatience. Maybe a brief up-date every now and then might be in order as I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering what the hell is going on.
        I too have have trouble in picking my 2yr old son up as I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis. This is, apart from being frustrating and inconvenient, very upsetting, so I can sympathize whole heartedly with your predicament.
        There is so much in this world to question, mistrust and doubt and I was concerned that, maybe, tptb had somehow infiltrated or attacked you or this site, as you are usually quite regular with your posts.
        I send you my thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery with your hand and a positive outcome from the legal wrangles you are embroiled in.
        Looking forward to your next article, Zodian.
        • Dogman
          JANUARY 12, 2016 @ 9:23 AM
          Hi Zodian,
          I understand the frustration of many of the regulars, but it can be awkward moderating as we don’t want to give too much away (forewarned is forearmed etc) about what’s going on behind the scenes, but Chris has now brought you all up to speed and there is plenty of info to follow about events in France. The problem with research, is that one thing often leads to another and off you go on a tangent and then you have to consider if the new info is worth an article itself, or try to fit it into the existing article.

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