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Matt Taylor: Seeing that I'm banned from leaving comments on; and that no one likes their voice muted; I just wanted to mention: I thought I had seen Victoria (mentioned in Spivey's latest article) before but couldn't quite place her. But when Spivey mentioned she was a satanist the penny dropped. Victoria was the BBC interviewer who interviewed Ricky Dearman about the Hampstead satanic allegations. I thought Spivey would have mentioned the connection, but then again, seeing as he's never mentioned anything about the Hampstead case I shouldn't be surprised. Point made; just sayin!

Christopher D Spivey: Your not banned, its was binned because your being antagonistic, there are plenty of people working on the Hampstead case, why do you insist on trying to pull someone else into it, do you not think that another opinion on this case will just further add to the clusterfuck that it already is? Can you not organise and do something about it without having Chris to stand behind or give his approval?

Matt Taylor: No, not at all. I just thought it weird that he didn't mention that she interviewed Dearman. Especially calling her a satanist.
Listen, I don't want Spivey's approval, just his opinion. Why can't you get your head around that? I've been a loyal reader and plenty of other people ask for his opinion without being pulled up for it.

Christopher D Spivey: Fair point about the interviewer, maybe he missed it but the trouble with you in regards to Chris sp ivey.o rg is that you keep going on about him mentioning this case, why, why is it so important you get his opinion on it?
Also Matt your so changeable in your opinions and who you support that no none trusts you, your piss taking vids are really bad, not even funny and also their have been occasions in the past when we have binned your posts from the main site (because they are pointless) and then we have been bombarded with a torrent of anonymous abusive messages, all from the same IP as you..... now i personally struggle to take anything anyone says seriously when they behave like that, your your own worst enemy in my opinion. G

Matt Taylor: wow, I didn't know you have been bombarded with pointless anonymous and abusive messages, all from the same IP as I. That's news to me and clearly tells me I've been hacked. To ask why its so important that I get his opinion is a bit naff??? Spivey is putting forward a radical and revolutionary point of view which differs from nearly every other single person in the world. He's implying (for example) Mary O'Brien is Victoria Derbyshire, that Sam Cameron is so and so, that ... Well you know. These are amazing and earth shattering claims to make and I'm trying to get my head around it as much as anyone one else. You know I'm obsessed with the Hampstead case and think we should all be supporting the kids. So when Spivey mentions anything to do with it, of course my interest in spiked. Hence its important I hear his opinion of it because he has such a radical and revolutionary opinion of most aspects of British life, that in my puny mind, I think its important. Yes, I am my own worst enemy. and if you think my foray into comedy was an attack on Spivey???? Well then really? Taking the mick is the highest form of flattery and i don't really think I attacked him in anyway what-so-ever. Yes, I took the piss in a nice way! If you think that was a full on attack then you are mistaken. I don't give a fuck if anyone trusts me! What's that supposed to mean? My kids trust me and that's all that matters. Do you really think I give a toss what smalltown Nail thinks of me? Come on !!!! I'm trying to make sense of this satanist infected world in which the likes Spivey claim we live in. But then, whenever I ask questions, whenever I ask him to elaborate or clarify something, I get your venomous replies. For fucks sake. You aren't doing much to make friends and influence people, so don't bang on to me about doing the same.
Oh hang on??/ Who's G?? Who am I speaking to now? Another one of Spivey's administrative team?
The more you keep treating me like some sort of germ you've found under the sole of your foot, the more I'm going to kick back, get pissed and take it out on you.

Lisa Jane Pea: why Matt why? Just when i thought we had reached a happy have to ruin it.....

Matt Taylor: Why Lisa why? What have I done to ruin it?

Lisa Jane Pea: i just cant see any future in our relationship Matt, I know now you will continually bring up old arguments.... frown emoticon

Christopher D Spivey: Matt Taylor you were talking to Gallows, your IP was hacked....really, i don't think that true i think you lost your temper because we refused to put up your post so in retaliation you decided to post a load of abuse, like you have above, you can't control your behaviour and we don't have the time to babysit you.

Matt Taylor: ha ha ha, oh right G for Gallows. I don't think we've met. You are referring to my responses to the defamatory remarks posted by Smalltown Nail and others right! Yes; the right to reply is something which doesn't apply on Yes, I lost my temper and responded in anger. Come to think of it I was actually quite relived they weren't published because after I calmed down I did actually regret writing them. No one likes to be called things that aren't true. Believe it or not I'm as human as the next reptile. So, you just couldn't help putting in your pennies worth hey. Being dumped by Lisa was hard enough to bare, but you just couldn't help but putting the boot in while a man's down. That's cool G. You don't like retaliation but you actively make statements inciting a retaliation. Its cool, I'll retaliate... You are correct after all, I can't control my behaviour. Thanks for poking my temper! I'm going to enjoy getting my anger of my chest...

Christopher D Spivey: So your IP wasn't hacked now, thought so. This is exactly why myself and the others haven't the time to entertain you as i said before your all over the place with your responses, excuses and moods and quite honestly we have better things to do than pander to you.

Matt Taylor: while the three or four messages i posted were abusive in reply to the abusive comments published about me, they were hardly a torrent nor anonymous.
and anyway i wasnt referring to those messages when i complained about being banned from posting comments. i was pointing out the binned comments of Spivey omitting the connection between V Derbyshire and R Dearman. i see freedom of speech is non existent on Spivey's website. oh how refreshing.
Pander to me hahahahaha. oh how i wish i was pandered too. you and others. brilliant. Gallow. you are a blast.

Lisa Jane Pea: Why are you insisting your comments regarding Dearman have not been published and insinuating that there is no right to freedom of speech on site? your comments are there, so stop talking pish Matt. Every interaction you have with us is regarding Hampstead.... Im with Gallows on this one....Noone is stopping you from doing your own research, sorry I forgot you don't have the time to, therefore expect everyone else to do it for you..... probably because you are too busy making piss taking ambiguous videos...... mwahhhh x

Matt Taylor: My comments regarding Victoria Derbyshire and Ricky Dearman haven't been published, which means there is no freedom of speech on the comments section of Spivey's website. Get over it and stop talking posh. Every interaction I've had with Spivey is not about Hampstead. In fact I've asked questions about the Shoreham air crash which have been ignored by Spivey too. I must get my head around the fact Spivey doesn't ever answer enquiries but only lets his administrative team answer on his behalf. I've done my own research and I've come to the conclusion that the Hampstead kids are telling the truth. I am only determining who else in the AV movement feels the same. I can only conclude that Spivey's silence means he doesn't believe the kids. Which sadly implies he's part of the problem rather than part of the solution.
I love the fact you imply I'm busy making piss taking ambiguous videos!!! Ha ha. You do crack me up Lisa...

Christopher D Spivey: You only want freedom of speech if everyone agrees with you, every time we bin your comment or disagree you get angry and lash out. Besides as you have stated, because Chris has failed to answer your questions he must be part of the problem, really, how about with everything else that Chris has released and had going on (court, fighting to keep grandson) since this Hampstead case came out he may not have had time to look into it properly and considering the extensive research done by hundreds of other people he may feel as i do that with too many people commenting or putting their findings across they may do more harm than good. Too many cooks type scenario, besides with everything you have discovered, how would Chris and his opinion help those kids?

Matt Taylor: No I don't. I've been calm reincarnate. It's you who lash out. Why are you making assumptions about nothing you know about. Isn't it best we all remain silent and not say another word to each other. At least that way we can't misconstrue anything further.
You are so passive aggressive.

Christopher D Spivey: Ok you don't, whatever you say matt. Have a nice evening.

Lisa Jane Pea: fuck off matt you always lash out at us... don't deny it.... we have never lashed out at you personally and you do it to us all the time, we have families and lives etc we are trying to do what little we can in support of what we believe in.... pah you.... do your own good things in your own good time dear x

Lisa Jane Pea: or you could always, make a little video........

Lisa Jane Pea: meanwhile we will run up and down the country in our own time and money trying to do something to make a little change for that why don't you?


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